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Hebrew Beverage Vocabulary Posted by on Jul 6, 2020 in Uncategorized

Practical daily vocabulary of drinks and beverages.

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Water מַיִם

The law in Israel requires public institutions such as government buildings, banks, clinics, hospitals, cinemas, schools, etc., to place a cold-water facility for the benefit of the public. The law also asserts that places where food is served (like restaurants, dining rooms, coffee shops, etc.) will serve every customer a free jug (קַנְקַן) of cold drinking water (מֵי שְׁתִייָה). It is usually tap water (מֵי בֶּרֶז), but there is no problem – tap water is allowed for drinking in Israel.

Unfortunately, many places take advantage of the fact that most of the Israeli public isn’t familiar with the law. Especially food places that hope their thirsty customers will order drinks (מַשְׁקָאוֺת), adding to their bill. Some places don’t even serve the free water jug, unless the customer clearly asks for it (which is a violation of the law). Other places tarry with the free water. They set the table, take the order, serve the dishes and only then bring the water, hoping that, in the meantime, the customers will crave some mineral water or soft drinks.

Now that you know – next time you are visiting Israel don’t let greedy businesses violate the law. Ask for the free cold water you deserve.

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Juice מִיץ

The template describing the kind of juice is simple: the word juice + the name of the fruit (פְּרִי). In English the name of the fruit precedes the word juice. In Hebrew it’s the opposite. The word מִיץ precedes the name of the fruit. Another difference is that the name of the fruit in the Hebrew template appears in its plural form. For example:

Orange juice = מִיץ תַּפּוּזׅים

Grape juice = מִיץ עֲנָבִים

Apple juice = מִיץ תַּפּוּחׅים

Grapefruit juice = מִיץ אֶשְׁכּוֹלְיוֺת

Tangerine juice = מִיץ קְלֶמֶנְטִינוֺת

Every restaurant has a drinks menu (תַּפְרִיט מַשְׁקָאוֺת), but it is usually pretty concise. If you wish to enjoy a fresh (טָרִי) juice, and not a preserved or pasteurized juice you can buy in the supermarket, ask the waiter: הַאִם הַמִּיץ שֶׁלָּכֶם סָחוּט בַּמָקוֺם? (literally means does your juice squeezed in this place?). Check out Landwer cafe online drinks menu noting the drinks that are סָחוּט בַּמָקוֺם.

Practice the vocabulary above in the next short commercial:


Text vocabulary

Jug = קַנְקַן

Tap water = מֵי בֶּרֶז

Drink = מַשְׁקֶה

Drinks = מַשְׁקָאוֺת

Fruit = פְּרִי

Drinks menu = תַּפְרִיט מַשְׁקָאוֺת

Fresh = טָרִי

To squeeze = לׅסְחוֺט

Squeezed = סָחוּט


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