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Learning Hebrew Through Movies: And Then She Arrived Posted by on Nov 6, 2017 in Learning Hebrew


And Then She Arrived (וְאָז הׅיא הִגִּיעַה) is a new Israeli movie that premiered last July in Israeli cinemas. It’s an enjoyable romantic comedy, and even though the film didn’t receive favorable reviews I still believe it’s worth watching. It’s a fun movie that provides a glimpse into the Israeli culture and a good way to pick up Hebrew.

The film’s hero name is Dan.

לְגִּבּוֹר הַסֶּרֶט קוֺרְאׅים דָּן.

Dan lives in Haifa.

דָּן גָּר בְּחֵיפָה.

Dan is a 30 years old lawyer.

דָּן הוּא עוֹרֵךְ דִּין בֶּן 30.

Dan’s father is a lawyer.

אָבׅיו שֶׁל דָּן הוּא עוֹרֵךְ דִּין.

Dan works in his father’s law firm.

דָּן עוֺבֵד בְּמׅשְׂרַד עוֺרְכֵי הַדּׅין שֶׁל אָבׅיו.

Dan is a pretty happy guy. He graduated from law school and started working as a lawyer. He and his beautiful high school sweetheart are living together and just decided to get married. He loves his younger sister and often hangs out with her and his two childhood friends. Every Saturday he goes with his father and friends to the stadium to cheer for their favorite football team. They are avid fans of their hometown football club – Hapoel Haifa. And they are more than excited when, in 1999, after series of successful games, their team is on the track to win its first and only championship.

Dan’s life is on the track as well: he has a loving girlfriend, supportive family, good job and lifelong friends. He basically has nothing to complain about. But in 1999 when Hapoel Haifa is finally on the way to become Israel champion team, Dan and his friends began to feel like sky is the limit. The winning of Hapoel, who never won before in the championship, inspired them. Dan is encouraged to focus again on his hobby – music.

Dan is an avid fan of Hapoel Haifa.

דָּן הוּא אוֺהֵד מוּשְׁבָּע שֶׁל הַפּוֺעֵל חֵיפָה.

Every Saturday he goes with his friends to the game.

כָּל שַׁבָּת הוּא הוֺלֵךְ עׅם חֲבֵרׅים שֶׁלוֺ לַמִּשְׂחָק.

Dan likes to watch football games and to play the guitar.

דָּן אוֺהֵב לׅצְפּוֺת בְּמׅשְׂחֲקֵי כַּדּוּרֶגֶל וּלְנַגֵּן בְּגִּיטָרָה.

Hapoel Haifa won the championship for the first time in 1999.

הַפּוֺעֵל חֵיפָה זַכְתָה בָּאַלִּיפוּת לָרִאשׁוֹנָה בְּ-1999.

Hapoel Haifa victory inspires Dan to realize his dreams.

הַנִּצָּחוֹן שֶׁל הַפּוֺעֵל חֵיפָה מְעוֺדֵד אֶת דָּן לְהַגְשׁׅים אֶת חֲלוֺמוֺתָיו.

When his beloved team status is changing, Dan is realizing that his well-organized life is on track. His father is responsible for Dan’s career and his mother takes care of his love life. His father trains him to become a good lawyer in the family law firm; his mother advises his girlfriend to set a date for their wedding. Motivated by his football team, Dan wishes to follow his passion and realize his dreams. He spends more time practicing guitar, writing songs and working on his singing. And then she arrives – a chatty waitress from Jerusalem – and for the first time Dan is not choosing the expected.

Watch the trailer of וְאָז הׅיא הִגִּיעַה –

I am not going to tell you more than that, just watch the movie. It’s maybe not a brilliant movie, but it’s a fun way to practice your listening comprehension. The actors speak daily casual Hebrew, and if you have any question you can always ask me in the comments below.


For advanced reading in Hebrew check the interview with the main actor  –



Text vocabulary

To arrive = לְהַגּׅיעַ

Arrived (masculine) = הִגִּיעַ

Arrived (feminine) = הִגִּיעַה

Film = סֶרֶט

Actor = שַׂחְקָן

Actress = שַׂחְקָנׅית

Cinema = קוֹלְנוֹעַ

Lawyer = עוֹרֵךְ דִּין

Law firm = מׅשְׂרַד עוֺרְכֵי דּׅין

Football = כַּדּוּרֶגֶל

Game = מִשְׂחָק

Stadium = אִצְטַדְיוֹן

Victory = נִצָּחוֹן

Championship = אַלִּיפוּת

Dream = חֲלוֹם

Watch the making of וְאָז הׅיא הִגִּיעַה –


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