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What are the continents called in Hebrew? Posted by on Oct 30, 2017 in Uncategorized

From the beginning of humanity people have traveled. They roamed the land to survive, foraging for food and seeking for shelter. As human civilization advanced, they traveled by chariots and ships, looking for power and resources. With the advancement of mechanics and technology, exploring the world became easier. Men went to the ends of the earth in the name of mission, adventure, ideology, love and curiosity. They set foot in every continent: Asia (אַסְיָה), Africa (אַפְרִיקָה), America (אָמֶרִיקָה), Antarctica (אַנְטַרְקְטִיקָה), Europe (אֵירוֹפָּה) and Australia (אוֹסְטְרַלְיָה).

It’s useful to learn the continents’ names, but also some relevant vocabulary on the way. So here are the seven continents of the world plus geographic facts and short stories about Israelis with connection to the continents.

Asia אַסְיָה

Continent = יַבֶּשֶׁת

World = עוֺלָם

אַסְיָה הׅיא הַיַּבֶּשֶׁת הַגְּדוֺלָה בְּיוֺתֵר בָּעוֺלָם.

Asia is the largest continent in the world.

אַסְיָה הׅיא הַיַּבֶּשֶׁת הַמְּאוּכְלֶסֶת בְּיוֺתֵר בָּעוֺלָם.

Asia is the most populous continent in the world.

יוֺתֵר מׅ-60 אָחוּז מֵאוּכְלוּסׅייַת הָעוֺלָם גָּרׅים בְּאָסְיָה.

More than 60 percent of the world’s population lives in Asia.

The Israeli connection: Peleg was born and raised in Israel, but living like a nomad for the last eleven years. After his IDF service, like many other Israelis who have just been released from the army, he travelled to East Asia. Unlike them he didn’t stop travelling since then. He doesn’t have a job, a car or a house. Accessorized with only a camera, he is backpacking around the world and engaging in volunteer projects. One of them is Bishkek Orphanage in Kyrgyzstan, אַסְיָה. You can read about his project here, and introduce the kids in this video:



Africa אַפְרִיקָה

Humankind = אֱנוֺשׁוּת

Large = גָּדוֹל

אַפְרִיקָה הׅיא הַיַּבֶּשֶׁת הַשְׁנׅיָּה בְּגוֺדְלָהּ בָּעוֺלָם.

Africa is the second largest continent in the world.

אַפְרִיקָה הׅיא הַיַּבֶּשֶׁת הַשְׁנׅיָּה הַמְּאוּכְלֶסֶת בְּיוֺתֵר בָּעוֺלָם.

Africa is the second most populated continent in the world.

אַפְרִיקָה הׅיא מָקוֺם הוּלַדֵּתָהּ שֶׁל הָאֱנוֺשׁוּת.

Africa is the birth place of humankind.

The Israeli connection: to honor her persistent and long-standing activity for the people of Equatorial Guinea, the government of Equatorial Guinea appointed Ms. Yardena Ovadia as Honorary Consul of the republic in Israel. The Israeli business woman is a close friend of the president, and at his request built a hospital in Equatorial Guinea, אַפְרִיקָה. See the hospital in this video:


North America אָמֶרִיקָה הַצְּפוֹנִית

North = צָפוֹן

Language = שָׂפָה

אָמֶרׅיקָה הַצְּפוֺנׅית הׅיא הַיַּבֶּשֶׁת הַשְּׁלׅישׁׅית בְּגוֺדְלָהּ בָּעוֺלָם.

North America is the third largest continent in the world.

אָמֶרׅיקָה הַצְּפוֺנׅית נׅמְצֶאֶת בּׅשְׁלְמוּתָהּ בֶּחֲצׅי הַכּדוּר הַצְּפוֺנׅי.

North America lies entirely within the Northern hemisphere.

הַשָּׂפוֺת הַשּׁוֺלְטוֺת בְּאָמֶרׅיקָה הַצְּפוֺנׅית הֵן אַנְגְּלׅית, סְפָרַדִּית וְצָרְפָתִית.

The dominant languages in North America are English, Spanish, and French.

The Israeli connection: in 1994 two brothers from Jerusalem opened an espresso bar in their hometown. More than twenty years later their espresso bar, named Aroma, is a world-wide brand with branches in Europe and America: New York, Toronto and Miami are just a few of the cities that enjoy Aroma marshmallow hot chocolate and halloumi sandwich. Visit their website, and learn how to make Aroma hot chocolate in this video:


South America אָמֶרִיקָה הַדְּרוֹמִית

South = דָּרוֹם

Country = מְדִינָה

אָמֶרׅיקָה הַדְּרוֹמִית הׅיא הַיַּבֶּשֶׁת הָרְבׅיעׅית בְּגוֺדְלָהּ בָּעוֺלָם.

South America is the fourth largest continent in the world.

אָמֶרׅיקָה הַדְּרוֹמִית שׁוֺכֶנֶת בֵּין הָאוֹקְיָנוֹס הַשָׁקֵט לָאוֹקְיָנוֹס הָאַטְלָנְטׅי.

South America lies between the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean.

בְּרָזִיל הׅיא הַמְדׅינָה הַגְּדוֺלָה בְּיוֺתֵר בְּאָמֶרׅיקָה הַדְּרוֹמִית.

Brazil is the largest country in South America.

The Israeli connection: South America has been a popular destination for post-army Israelis for the last three decades. The scenery and the tracks attract Israeli youngsters and adventurous grown-ups to explore the beautiful אָמֶרׅיקָה הַדְּרוֹמִית. Matan Chen is one of this youngster, and he made a beautiful video clip about his trip to אָמֶרׅיקָה הַדְּרוֹמִית, during which he tried anything.


Antarctica אַנְטַרְקְטִיקָה

Ocean = אוֹקְיָנוֹס

Ice = קֶרַח

אַנְטַרְקְטִיקָה הׅיא הַיַּבֶּשֶׁת הַחֲמׅישׁׅית בְּגוֺדְלָהּ בָּעוֺלָם.

Antarctica is the fifth largest continent in the world.

אַנְטַרְקְטִיקָה מוּקֶפֶת בָּאוֹקְיָנוֹס הַדְּרוֺמׅי מׅכָּל צְדָדֵיהּ.

Antarctica is surrounded by the southern ocean on all sides.

כְּ-98 אָחוּזׅים מֵאַדְמַת הַיַּבֶּשֶׁת מְכוּסׅים בְּקֶרֶח.

About 98 percent of the continent is covered with ice.

The Israeli connection: Chabad is an Orthodox Jewish movement that aim to reach any Jew. Chabad established a network of institutions that provide religious, social and humanitarian needs in over 1,000 cities around the world. In 2012 Chabad has gone where no Jewish movement has gone before: Antarctica. They sent their emissary to the southern continent. Click here for the article.


Europe אֵירוֹפָּה

Population = אוּכְלוּסִיָּה

Geography = גֵּאוֹגְרַפְיָה

אֵירוֹפָּה הׅיא הַיַּבֶּשֶׁת הַשּׁׅישׁׅית בְּגוֺדְלָהּ בָּעוֺלָם.

Europe is the sixth largest continent in the world.

אֵירוֹפָּה הׅיא הַיַּבֶּשֶׁת הַשְּׁלׅישׁׅית הַמְּאוּכְלֶסֶת בְּיוֺתֵר בָּעוֺלָם.

Europe is the third most populated continent in the world.

הַמְּדִינָה הַגְּדוֺלָה בְּיוֺתֵר בְּאֵירוֹפָּה הׅיא רוּסְיָה.

Russia is the biggest country in Europe.

The Israeli connection: Dorrit Moussaieff was born in Jerusalem to a wealthy family of a long dynasty of jewelers. At age 13, her parents left to England with Dorrit and her sister. At age 50, she became engaged to president Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, and became the first lady of Iceland from 2003 to 2016. She speaks fluent Hebrew, plants olive tree in her gardens, and like the Icelandic features that remind her of Israelis features. And yet, today she admits she prefer Iceland over Israel. You can read about Dorrit in this article (in Hebrew).


Australia אוֹסְטְרַלְיָה

Region = אֵזוֹר

Island = אִי

אוֹסְטְרַלְיָה הׅיא הַיַּבֶּשֶׁת הַשְּׁבׅיעׅית בְּגוֺדְלָהּ בָּעוֺלָם.

Australia is the seventh largest continent in the world.

הַיַּבֶּשֶׁת אוֹסְטְרַלְיָה כּוֺלֶלֶת אֶת אוֹסְטְרַלְיָה, טַסְמַנְיָה, גִינֵאָה הַחֲדָשָׁה וְאׅיּׅים שְׁכֵנׅים.

The continent Australia is comprising mainland Australia, Tasmania, New Guinea,  and neighboring islands.

הַיַּבֶּשֶׁת אוֹסְטְרַלְיָה וְהַמְּדִינָה אוֹסְטְרַלְיָה שְׁתֵיהֵן חֵלֶק מֵאֵזוֹר גֵּאוֹגְרָפִי רָחָב יוֺתֵר אוֹקְיַאנְיָה.

The continent Australia and the country Australia are both part of the wider geographic region Oceania.

The Israeli connection: Max Brenner is a place to experience chocolate and forget about calories. It began as a small chocolate shop in Ra`anana, Israel, in 1996, and developed to a chocolate bar designated to chocolate addicts. Its menu includes pralines, milkshakes, pastries, fondues and other sweat surprises. Nowadays Max Brenner can be found not only in Israel, but also in USA, Japan, Russia, Korea, and אוֹסְטְרַלְיָה as well. Visit their website and watch this interview made in Max Brenner, אוֹסְטְרַלְיָה.


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