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Let’s do something together Posted by on Mar 25, 2014 in Learning Hebrew

When you get together with a group of your friends, what kind of activities do you enjoy doing together? Last week some of my friends got together and we went לְשַׂחֵק כַּדּוּרְסַל and afterwards had פיצה וקוקא קולה at one of the guy’s house. It was a great time. So let’s find some activities to do.

What shall we do? – מה נעשה?


Do you want to…? – את רוֹצֶה …?
Yes, I want to… – כן, אני רוֹצֶה …
No, I don’t want to… – לא, אני לא רוֹצֶה …


Do you want to…? – אתה רוֹצָה …?v
Yes, I want to… – כן, אני רוֹצָה …
No, I don’t want to… – לא, אני לא רוֹצָה …

playing, game – מִשְׂחָק (root – ש-ח-ק)
to play football – לְשַׂחֵק כַּדּוּרֶגֶל
to play basketball – לְשַׂחֵק כַּדּוּרְסַל
to play cards – קְלָפִים
to play squash – סְקְווֹשׁ
to play golf – גּוֹלְף
to play tennis – טֶנִיס
to play chess – שַׁחְמָט

swimming – שְׂחִיָּה (root – ש-ח-ה)
to swim – לשחות

walk, walking – ריקוד
dance, dancing – רקוד
to dance – לרקוד

to ski – לעשות סקי

watching – צפייה ב…
to see/watch a movie – לראות סרט
to watch TV – לצפות בטלוויזיה

fishing – דייג
to fish – לדוג

climbing – טיפוס
mountain climbing – לטפס הרימ

reading – קריאה
to read books – לקרוא ספרים

riding – רכיבה
to ride horses – לרכוב על סוסים
a bicycle – לרכוב על אופניים
camels – לרכוב על גמלים

going out – יציאה
to go to a nightclub – לצאת למועדון לילה

going – הליכה
to go shopping – לצאת לקניות
to go to the cinema – ללכת לקולנוע
to go to the museum – ללכת למוזיאון
to go to a concert – ללכת לקונצרט


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  1. Elissa:


    I’m doing some research (and by that I primarily mean watching videos and reading blog posts) because I’d like for this year to be the year I start to learn Hebrew. I had the idea to get some of my favourite books as Hebrew audiobooks to help get a feel for the language while also studying the grammar and vocab more traditionally. I can’t seem to find many audiobooks (of books I’d already know – English literature) in Hebrew, though. Do you happen to know where I could source these things? In particular I’d love to start with Jane Austen. Also, do you think this kind of thing would be an effective tool alongside language learning programs?