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The Girls are Back: The Gilmore Girls Reunion Cheers Up Israeli Girls Posted by on Mar 14, 2016 in Uncategorized


Photot by Ayana

Ten months after the first Backstreet Boys` concert in Israel, the Israeli girls (בָּנוֺת) have another reason to cheer: the Gilmore Girls reunion! The show (תָּכְנִית) went off the air nine years ago, the viewers are a decade older, but the Israeli web is thrilled: the בָּנוֺת are back! Online articles announcing the good news, even Haaretz newspaper (check out the Hebrew article). Journalists are occupied by the cast: Jess is in (the Hebrew article), Sookie is out (the Hebrew article).

Before the internet and the cell phone era we all followed, week after week, Emily, Lorelai and Rory`s quest for happiness. It’s interesting how time (זְמַן) could alter things into experiences. The simplest dish becomes a family traditional cuisine. Essential shopping becomes quality time (זְמַן אֵיכוּת). And even a weekly TV show (תָּכְנִית טֶלֶוִיזְיָה) becomes a part of one’s life. Especially one that reflects a crucial aspect in any girl’s (בַּת) life: mother-daughter relationship.

זְמַן is also capable of changing our views. When the תָּכְנִית was kicking I was about the same age as Rory and had a similar agenda as her. No wonder I saw Stars Hollow from her eyes: the kind heart of people, the wisdom hidden in books, the cool mother (אִמָּא) she has. As other בָּנוֺת at my age I wanted to be loved like Rory and fun like Lorelai. But nowadays when I re-watch theתָּכְנִית , and I am about the same age as Lorelai, I realize that Rory’s אִמָּא isn’t fun or cool. She is just a childish grown up with a kid. And I’m not the only one to opine like this – check out the Hebrew critique.

Wisdom can be found outside of books or תָּכְנִית טֶלֶוִיזְיָה. Nonetheless, one can still enjoy the תָּכְנִית. I am definitely looking forward for the reunion!


Text vocabulary:

Girl = בַּת

Girls = בָּנוֺת

Mother, mom = אֵם, אִמָּא

Time = זְמַן

Quality time = אֵיכוּת זְמַן

TV show = תָּכְנִית טֶלֶוִיזְיָה


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  1. Camilla:

    Thanks for this post, Ayana. 🙂 This used to be one of my sister’s favorite shows. Good vocabulary to learn too.

    • Ayana:

      @Camilla Thanks, Camilla! I’m glad you enjoyed it 😉