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10 Podcasts to Learn Hindi Posted by on Nov 8, 2021 in Culture, Grammar, Hindi Language, Slang, Vocabulary


There are numerous बहुत ways to learn Hindi today – apps, CD’s if you are still into retro, movies चलचित्र and songs. Watching the news समाचार and Netflix shows is another way. But podcasts are the ‘it’ thing now!  The proliferation प्रसार of podcasts is indicative of its popularity.


Listening to a podcast has many benefits लाभ today! One of them is the ease of listening while on the go.  Podcasts are also data which is downloadable onto our smart phones. This means, gone are the days when we had to insert a CD into our car player to learn a language. A podcast teaching the language not only teaches but offers real life tips and tricks सुझाव और तरकीब as you go along.

The List

  1. Learn Hindi on the Go – this podcast is by a team of Hindi language teachers. They teach Hindi by teaching vocabulary शब्दावली in Hindi with their English translation अनुवाद, in oral drills. They then insert the vocabulary into practical sentences वाक्य and end with a practice role play session. They do give you grammar व्याकरण tips. You can also download the transcript  प्रतिलिपि of the podcast.
  2.  Learn Hindi with Linguaboost – This website starts with someone introducing the lesson in English. A lady’s voice speaks in English listing several sentences. Then these sentences are repeated दोहराया गया by a man’s voice, in English and in the Hindi translated version. The phrases are travel related. The site claims that one learns the language in context संदर्भ. Also, you can download the entire course.
  3. HindiPod 101 – incorporates culture and current news वर्तमान समाचार into their teaching. They do offer access to courses. They have mobile apps to learn the language as well. In the podcast, they offer tips and tricks like, encouraging reading aloud which enables you to practice अभ्यास speaking.
  4. Mera Lakshya – is a podcast for intermediate मध्यम to advanced learners. The courses are introduced in Hindi and are comprised mostly of stories, poems etc. Even the explanations व्याख्या in grammar are in Hindi.
  5. Learn Hindi from Bollywood movies – is quite an interesting podcast. The speaker वक्ता conducts the podcast mostly in English. However, his speech is interspersed with song clips in Hindi from Bollywood movies. He provides the translations of the words plus the background cultural nuances सांस्कृतिक बारीकियां behind the words. Transcripts are also available via a link on the website.
  6. Hindi – A Spoken Thesarus is hosted by Rupert Snell who has written several Hindi language teaching books. It explores अन्वेषण करना different topic categories of words such as numbers, wisdom बुद्धि etc. A pdf file transcript is available.
  7. Daily Hindi – is a podcast that you can hear on Audible for free. The host speaks only in Hindi. The focus केंद्र is news.
  8. Bhasha is a podcast that has stories, poems, sentences in episodes that are just 5-6 minutes long. The host reads out a story and provides the translation sentence by sentence.
  9. The Language Era – podcast focuses on words and grammar.
  10. SBS Hindi – is an advanced उन्नत Hindi learning podcast which focuses on news clips.
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