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Particles Posted by on Apr 7, 2010

The भर particle denotes the meaning of somehing being full, whole, or being in the entire. दिन is “day” and “the whole day” is दिन भर He watches tv all day – वह दिन भर टीवी देखता है  वह = he. दिन = whole/all. भर = day. टीवी = tv. देखता है = watches पड़ा denotes the meaning of unexpectedness वह रोई is…

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Churches in India Posted by on Apr 4, 2010

Christianity takes up only a small portion of India’s population, but there are still Christians here and there who will observe Easter this Sunday: If you’re wondering where these services will take place, there are a bevy of churches in India. Some of them are quite beautiful. The Mar Thoma Church was the first Christian church…

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The ही Particle Posted by on Apr 1, 2010

ही can be used to mean “only” and “just” : Only I work here – यहाँ मैं ही काम करता हूँ   यहाँ = here. मैं = I. ही = only. काम करता = work. हूँ  = suffix for first person When ही is used after pronouns, it can give the sentence an emphatic meaning : They themselves will come – वे आप ही आएँगे वे…

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