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The Potential Mood Posted by on Apr 28, 2010

The potential mood has several suffixes depending on the pronoun : I : –ऊँ  We : –एँ You : –एँ He : –ए She : –ए They : –एँ An example : She may work – वह काम करे The potential mood is formed a lot like the future tense, except that the ending गा , गी, and…

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Interjections Posted by on Apr 25, 2010

Interjections in Hindi can be used to express surprise : Oh you came! ओह  क्या तुम आ गए Other interjections in this same category are : अरे  ओहो धत धत तेरे की  Joy can be expressed by : Oh what a beautiful place! वाह वाह क्या सुंदर जगह है Another example of this kind of interjection is…

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Thrissur Pooram Posted by on Apr 22, 2010

Thrissur Pooram is coming up. It’s a Malayam festival celebrated in Kerala. It’s a huge attraction where elephants are richly decorated with gold headdresses. Everything about this festival is big. The elephants are big, and so are the fireworks display. The music consists of a drum procession, along with a colorful umbrella display. The whole…

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Subjunctive Mood Posted by on Apr 19, 2010

The subjunctive mood in Hindi can have several endings : 1st person singular : ऊँ 1st person plural : एँ 2nd person familiar singular : ए 2nd person familiar plural : आो 2nd person polite singular : एँ 2nd person polite plural : एँ 3rd person singular : ए 3rd person plural : एँ Here are some…

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Suffixes Posted by on Apr 16, 2010

The suffix चाहिए can be used to impart desire : I want tea – मुझे चाय चाहिए It can also be used to impart a meaning of “should” or “ought to” : I should go – मुझे जाना चाहिए To form the meaning “should” the suffix ना will be attached to the root verb. Then चाहिए will come after…

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B.R. Ambedkar Posted by on Apr 13, 2010

April 14th, 1891 will be the aniversary of Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar’s (डॉ.भीमराव रामजी आंबेडकर) birthday. Amedkar was a lawyer, political activist, writer and the chief architect of the Indian Constitution. He was born into what was considered the lowest caste in India, the Untouchables. Despite all the segregation and discrimination he faced, he was able…

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Fruits Wordsearch Posted by on Apr 10, 2010

I have a word search on fruits. See if you can find the following words : apple – सेब   bannana – केला coconut – नारियल grape – अंगूर guava – अमरूद  lemon – नीबू mango – आम pear – नाशपाती pumpkin – कददू  pomegranate – अनार  watermelon – तरबूजा ऱ ङ ह आ द व…

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