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Poem in Hindi – Insaaf Ki Dagar Pe Posted by on Feb 28, 2015

Today, I will share a patriotic poem in Hindi. The poet is tells the children to walk on the path of righteousness or justice because your are the future of the nation. I also found a video of the poem from a 1961 Hindi movie. Below is the poem in Devanagari fonts (Hindi) with the…

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Hindi Words with Various Meanings – II Posted by on Feb 25, 2015

In continuation of the topic, this is the second post with more Hindi words which have various meanings depending on the context. You can read the first post here. Let’s check out the words in this post, the romanized spellings will help you with the pronunciation scheme for the words. Hindi Romanized Hindi Equivalent English…

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Hindi Words with Various Meanings – I Posted by on Feb 21, 2015

In Hindi, there are many words which could refer to another Hindi word. You might think that these words are synonyms, but they are not exactly synonyms. These words would be used in the Hindi literature like Hindi novels and poem. And you’d need to check which referred word would fit the context. I have…

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Official Letter in Hindi Posted by on Feb 17, 2015

As many of our Hindi learners might be living in India and have to communicate with various official departments at some point of time during your stay, you might need to write a letter in Hindi if you happens to live in some of the states where the preferred language for official communication is Hindi…

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How to say I love you in Hindi Posted by on Feb 14, 2015

Valentine day is here and you might be wondering today on how to express your love to your beloved in Hindi. Interesting question, how a native Hindi speaker express “I love you” in Hindi? Do I need to take care of gender? What could be the variations? situations? Let me show you, how we say…

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