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Word Pairs from Different Words Posted by on May 31, 2015

In Hindi, there are words which go in pairs. These pair can be from a same word, two different words, opposite words, meaningful & meaningless and two meaningless words. As every Hindi speaker uses these words pair in daily life, it is important to have an idea about them. Sometime these words pair would mean…

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Top 5 Hindi Songs of 1970s Posted by on May 31, 2015

Many Indians are movie (चलचित्र – Chalchitr) addicts and why not, the movies offer them a complete package of a story (कथा – Khatha), lot of songs and dance numbers (musicals) and take them out of their stressful (तनावपूर्ण – Tanavpurn) and busy life. Hindi music has also changed over the last century still though…

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Top 20 One Word Substitution in Hindi Posted by on May 28, 2015

There are words in Hindi which are described by a whole sentence or group of words. Let me show you some top 20 such words in Hindi which are very common and used in daily conversation. English translations are given in the bracket after sentences or group of words and romanized spelling are also given…

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Top 10 Similar Words in Hindi Posted by on May 27, 2015

Sometime you may encounter some similar sounding words in Hindi. These words are like “weak” or “week” in English. There are plenty of such words in Hindi. Most of these similar words in Hindi are the products of different vowels. Let me share with you the top 10 similar words as per their popularity in Hindi…

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Top 20 Antonyms in Hindi Posted by on May 26, 2015

Let me share with you the top 20 antonyms as per their popularity in Hindi. The antonym is called विलोम शब्द (Vilom Shabd which literally means Opposite Word). The antonyms are given below in Devanagari script as well as the romanized script in italic. English translations are also given in the respective brackets. Hope you’ll learn…

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Poem in Hindi – Phool Aur Kanta Posted by on May 24, 2015

Today, there is an easy poem that you can try to comprehend it. The poet, Ayodhya Singh Upadhyaya, describing the difference between two things which are nurtured with same love, care etc but grow up to be different. Below is the poem in Devanagari fonts (Hindi) with the literal translation in English. I hope that…

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Indian Festival – Ganga Dussehra Posted by on May 18, 2015

Let me take you too a interesting and colorful festival from India which is called Ganga Dussehra. Ganga Dussehra (गंगा दशहरा) is a festival which is celebrated to commemorated the day when Goddess Ganga (or river Ganges) descended from Heaven to the Earth. It is also known as Gangavataran which means ‘the descent of the Ganga’…

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