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Poem in Hindi – Jahil Mere Bane Posted by on Jul 31, 2016

Let me translate a nice Hindi poem for you. Hindi poems offers great variety of composition and grammatical structure. So it will be a great way to learn Hindi through reading comprehension of Hindi poems. In this poem, the poet is describing what a farmers think about themselves and how do they compare themselves with…

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Ten Important Suffixes in Hindi Posted by on Jul 30, 2016

Suffix (प्रत्यय) is the affix that is attached after the stem of a word. In this way, a new word is formed. Ten important suffixes which can be found in numerous Hindi words are : 1. आई (Aai)  Examples: पढाई (padai – reading), लिखाई (likhai – writing), बुनाई (bunaai – Weaving), कमाई (kamaai – Earnings) 2…

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Top 5 Places to Visit in Gujarat Posted by on Jul 29, 2016

State of Gujarat

Gujarat (गुजरात) is a state in Western India, sometimes referred to as the “Jewel of Western India”. It has a population in excess of 60 million.Its capital city is Gandhinagar, while its largest city is Ahmedabad. Gujarat is home to the Gujarati-speaking people of India. It is home to some of ancient Indus Valley Civilization…

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Indian Recipes – Aloo Baingan Posted by on Jul 28, 2016

Aloo Baingan is a very popular and easy vegetarian north Indian dish. In this dish, the eggplants/brinjal (बैंगन – Baingan) sare used and are cooked with potatoes, onion, turmeric, green, garam masala and red chilies . So what are you waiting for, let’s make this delicious dish at home. Recipe Servings : 5 Recipe Cook…

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