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When it Gets Hot and Muggy before the Monsoon Showers … Posted by on May 24, 2017

When heavy rains hit Mumbai.

It’s the end of May and the south-westerly monsoon winds should be headed across the Western coast of India. This is the time when temperatures  (taapmaan) and humidity run high, guaranteeing the impending monsoon showers  (baarish) a resounding welcome  (swagat). It’s also the time when even a short errand outside can drench you in heat and…

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Portuguese in Hindi (Part 1): A Tale of Trade, Travel and Cultural Tension Posted by on May 21, 2017

For almost eight months now, I have been learning Portuguese on my own. As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, Hindi has been influenced by many other languages, and these were oftentimes those of merchants who came to the subcontinent to trade in its rich natural resources. Portuguese is one such language that has influenced Hindi…

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5 Essential Tips for Learning Hindi Posted by on May 16, 2017

Learning a language as an adult, as opposed to as a child or a young adult, is a whole different ball game. Most children, and even some young adults, pick up a language without an inordinate amount of effort––their brains are a bit like sponges, soaking in any new information at the drop of a…

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Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow Posted by on May 12, 2017

Yesterday, today, tomorrow, the day after, … are terms used so commonly during daily conversation that they are imperative to communication, especially if you are traveling in a new country and want to convey details about when you arrived, what you plan to do today, or where you will be headed tomorrow. In Hindi, you…

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What’s the Opposite of … ? Posted by on May 4, 2017

Some of my most enjoyable lessons as a student were classroom vocabulary tests of all kinds. And since I had 3 languages in which to practice these drills, it was triple the fun but never quite enough. I clearly remember “Match the Columns” exercises and “Fill in the blanks,” a cloze-like activity where we would…

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Hindi ki Khichri Me Punjabi ‘Suaad’ Posted by on May 2, 2017

As I’ve said before, Hindi is sometimes called a “khichdri bhasha,” (खिचड़ी भाषा, both words are feminine nouns) which basically means that it is a “mixed language” consisting of words, phrases and even sometimes grammatical structures from a variety of different languages. “Khichdri” (खिचड़ी, fem. noun) is a popular dish of ghee or clarified butter…

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