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Athletes from India Shine at the 2018 Asian Games Posted by on Aug 30, 2018

At the time of writing this blog इस ब्लॉग को लिखने के समय (is blog ko likhne ke samay), the 12th day १२वां दिन (baarahvan din) of the 18th Asian Games १८वें एशियाई खेलों का (athaarven Aeshiyaa-i khelon ka) is underway in Jakarta and Palembang, Indonesia. The Asian Games are held once every four years In a superb उत्तम (uttam) display प्रदर्शन (pradarshan) of effort प्रयास (prayaas) and athleticism…

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Birthday Traditions | जन्मदिन की परंपराएँ Posted by on Aug 26, 2018

जन्मदिन मुबारक हो! Around the world, people celebrate birthdays with gusto, and India is no exception. Although the idea of celebrating an individual’s birthday with a party and cake is, more or less, a Western concept, as India has become more Westernized, it has also become de rigueur for children and adults alike to expect…

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Book Recommendation Posted by on Aug 24, 2018

It is difficult कठिन (kathin) to gauge अनुमान लगाना (anumaan lagaana) traffic flow in India. With that in mind, on a recent हाल ही के (haal hi ke) trip सफ़र (safar) out of Hyderabad, I arrived at the airport with a fairly large amount of time before my onward flight. As I looked through the bookstore किताबों की दुकान (kitabon ki dukaan) at the airport, “Everybody Loves a Good Drought” by P…

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Crisis in Kerala, केरल में संकट Posted by on Aug 20, 2018

During the past week, as billions of people in India and across the globe celebrated India’s Independence Day on August 15th, an unsettling reality has descended on the country. The extreme flooding in the southwestern state of Kerala has gripped the nation with terror. Even those who live far from this state feel compelled to…

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The World’s Longest Fingernails on a Single Hand Posted by on Aug 11, 2018

In recent news of unusual happenings. the Guinness World Records holder for the world’s longest fingernails नाखून (naakhoon) on a single hand, Shridhar Chillal, decided to part with them in a nail-clipping ceremony in New York. Chillal, who is now 82, had been growing his fingernails on his left hand since the age of 16 १६ साल की उम्र…

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