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Athletes from India Shine at the 2018 Asian Games Posted by on Aug 30, 2018 in Hindi Language

At the time of writing this blog इस ब्लॉग को लिखने के समय (is blog ko likhne ke samay), the 12th day १२वां दिन (baarahvan din) of the 18th Asian Games १८वें एशियाई खेलों का (athaarven Aeshiyaa-i khelon ka) is underway in Jakarta and Palembang, Indonesia. The Asian Games are held once every four years

In a superb उत्तम (uttam) display प्रदर्शन (pradarshan) of effort प्रयास (prayaas) and athleticism this year, so far अब तक (ab tak) India’s athletes खिलाड़ी (khilaadi) have earned हासिल किये हैं (haasil kiye hain) 13 gold medals १३ स्वर्ण पदक (terah swarna padak), 21 silver medals २१ रजत पदक (ikkees rajat padak), and 25 bronze medals २५ कांस्य पदक (pacchees kansya padak). This count यह गिनती (yeh ginti) is higher than the medals earned in the last Asian Games in 2014.
While there were some upsets, there was also a comeback by the women’s hockey team. India defeated China चीन को पराजित किया (Cheen ko paraajit kiya)  to enter प्रवेश करना (pravesh karna) the women’s hockey finals after a gap of 20 years! India will play against Japan जापान से मुक़ाबला होगा (Jaapaan se muqabla hoga) for the gold medal.
Swapna Barman also made history नया इतिहास रचा (naya itihaas rachaa) by becoming the first Indian woman महिला (mahila) to win a gold in the heptathlon competition स्पर्धा (spardha).

As the games progress towards a close on Sept. 2, India continues to pursue more medals, outdoing past performances in an event of such international scale as the Asian Games.

इस ब्लॉग को लिखने के समय (is blog ko likhne ke samay) = at the time of writing this blog 
१२वां दिन (baarahvan din) = 12th day 
१८वें एशियाई खेलों का (athaarven Aeshiyaa-i khelon ka) = of the 18th Asian Games 
उत्तम (uttam) = superb 
प्रदर्शन (pradarshan) = display 
प्रयास (prayaas) = effort 
खिलाड़ी (khilaadi) = player/athlete/sportsperson 
हासिल किये हैं (haasil kiye hain) = have earned/won
१३ स्वर्ण पदक (terah swarna padak)  = 13 gold medals
२१ रजत पदक (ikkees rajat padak) = 21 silver medals
२५ कांस्य पदक (pacchees kansya padak) = 25 bronze medals
यह गिनती (yeh ginti) = this count
प्रवेश करना (pravesh karna) = to enter
चीन को पराजित किया (Cheen ko paraajit kiya)  = defeated China
जापान से मुक़ाबला होगा (Jaapaan se muqabla hoga)  = will play against Japan
महिला (mahila) = woman
नया इतिहास रचा (naya itihaas rachaa) =  made history
स्पर्धा (spardha) = competition

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