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India Aims to be Plastic Free by 2022 Posted by on Sep 7, 2018 in Hindi Language

Fabric bags for groceries. [Image by Nitya R.]

On June 5, 2018, the occasion of World Environment Day विश्व पर्यावरण दिवस के अवसर पर (vishwa paryavaran divas ke avasar par) the Government of India भारत सरकार (Bharat Sarkar) became one of a few countries कुछ देशों में से एक (kuch deshon mein se ek) in the world to announce घोषित करना (ghoshit karna) a strict सख़्त (sakht) ban प्रतिबंध /पाबन्दी (pratibundh/paabundi) on one-time use plastic.
This move has been applauded प्रशंसा की गई है (prashansa ki gaee hai) by countries अन्य देश (anya desh) around the world. However परंतु (parantu), the ban has been called ambitious महत्त्वाकांक्षी (mahattvakaankshi) and its success सफलता (safalta) remains to be seen.

Compostable bags for fruits and vegetables. [Image by Nitya R.]

 According to reports, India’s environment minister, Harsh Vardhan, announced that India aims to be completely plastic-free मुक्त (plastic-mukt) by 2022. The success of this endeavor remains to be seen.
India currently generates about 33.1 million pounds of plastic waste of which only 19.8 million pounds get recycled.


विश्व (vishwa) = world
पर्यावरण (paryavaran) = environment
दिवस (divas) = day
के अवसर पर (ke avasar par) = on the occasion of
अवसर (avasar) = occasion
भारत सरकार (Bharat Sarkar) = Indian government
कुछ देशों में से एक (kuch deshon mein se ek)  = one of few countries
कुछ देश (kuch desh) = few countries
में से एक (mein se ek) = one of few
घोषित करना (ghoshit karna) = to announce
सख़्त (sakht) = strict
प्रतिबंध /पाबन्दी (pratibundh/paabundi) = ban
प्रशंसा की गई है (prashansa ki gaee hai) = has been applauded
प्रशंसा (prashansa) = praise
अन्य देश (anya desh) = other countries
परंतु (parantu) = however/but
महत्त्वाकांक्षी (mahattvakaankshi) = ambitious
सफलता(safalta) = success
मुक्त (mukt) = free from

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