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Hindi – Is it a Language that Unifies? Posted by on Mar 31, 2022

The founding fathers संस्थापक पिता of India longed for a united country. They were tired of the divide and rule policies नीतियों of England. They reckoned if they demarcated the borders with Pakistan and Bangladesh all would be well. However, what they did not account for was the close ties घनिष्ठ संबंध and bonds that…

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Hindi Lineage and the Family Tree Posted by on Oct 26, 2021

Family Tree Hindi has an interesting दिलचस्प position in its family tree. The Indo-European family begot the Indo-Iranian family which begot the Indo-Aryan family who begot Hindi. Therefore, ironically विडम्बना से, it begs the question, is the Hindi we speak today begotten from Urdu? That would cause a minor अवयस्क uproar in itself given the…

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Hindi and Urdu – Siblings in Crisis Posted by on Oct 21, 2021

This week Urdu caused an uproar कोलाहल on social media. She was in an ad that called for the celebration कोलाहल of Diwali using the phrase, Jashn-e-Riwaaz, which means ‘celebration of rituals and traditions’.  The ad written in English was for a clothing and housewares brand called Fabindia. The retailer खुदरा withdrew the advertisement in…

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Hindi, English and Hindutva Posted by on Jul 14, 2021

Did you know that it was a Christian missionary प्रचारक, William Carey, who innovated the Hindi language with technology in India? He created printing मुद्रण fonts and the Hindi bible, the first prose work in print in India. The contribution योगदान of Christian missionaries like Carey are the most underreported stories in the history of…

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Fiji Indians – Fiji Hindi Baat Posted by on May 31, 2021

The Language and Dialects The Girmitiya brought the language भाषा and culture संस्कृति of their villages to Fiji.  They spoke the dialects बोलियों and languages of their state but the majority spoke Hindi which is an Indo-Aryan language. This language differed from Fijian which is an Austronesian language. Fiji Hindi Baat Fiji Hindi is also…

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The Rise of Hindi in Mumbai Posted by on May 17, 2021

Autorickshaw - Salaam Bombay

Mumbai is one of India’s most diverse विविध cities. People from linguistically भाषाई रूप से separated states converge अभिसरित होना on Mumbai to work and live. They bring लाना their language, culture, and unique अद्वितीय flavor to this great city. This convergence leads जाता to colorful speech भाषण with sentences a mix of Hindi, Urdu…

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Characteristics of Urban Hindi Posted by on Apr 11, 2021

Thought Clouds with Hinglish

Characteristics of Urban Hindi As we tackle the fast-paced evolution of languages all over the world due to the internet. We will take a look at the ever-evolving speech of the Hindi language in India. In our last post, we discussed social media’s use of a mixture of Hindi and English in speech. The combination…

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