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Ghosts, Ghouls and Goblins Posted by on Oct 29, 2018

All over the world, each culture has its own ways of making sense of death (मृत्यु or मौत), the afterlife and supernatural phenomena. India, of course, is no exception. In my last blog, I discussed the tales from Baital Pachisi (बेताल पच्चीसी), a collection of stories about the mythical king Vikramaditya and his quest to…

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Vikram and The Vampire / विक्रम और बेताल Posted by on Oct 27, 2018

As Halloween is one of my favorite holidays (मनपसंद त्योहार/manpasand tyohaar), and I’ve been fascinated with ghost stories since I was a child, I thought I would share an Indian “ghost story,” if you will, in honor of the upcoming (आनेवाला/aanevaalaa) holiday. When I was a teenager, I came across a collection of tales (कथाएँ/kathaaen…

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The Asiatic Lion in Gujarat’s Sasan Gir Forest Posted by on Oct 23, 2018

The state of Gujarat in India’s  (paschhimi/western)  (kshetra/region) is  (prasiddh/famous) as the  (ghar/home) of the majestic Asiatic शेर (sher/lion). Once found in other parts of the world and in (poorvi/eastern) and  (madhya/central) India, it is now believed to make its (vishesh/exclusive) domain within the confines of the  (Gir van raashtriya udyaan/Gir Forest National Park) in Gujarat…

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WhatsApp in India / इंडिया में व्हाट्सऐप Posted by on Oct 21, 2018

Some of you may be familiar with the popular messaging app known as “Whatsapp” (व्हाट्सऐप). In India and many other countries, this app is widely used as a major form of communication (संचार का प्रमुख माध्यम/sanchaar ka pramukh maadhyam) as you can call, text and video chat through its service for free as long as…

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Stay on the Alert for Crimes Posted by on Oct 8, 2018

I’ve recently been watching a धारावाहिक (dhaaravahik/television series) in Hindi, which is telecast जिसका प्रसारण होता है (jiska prasaraN hota hai) on one of India’s प्रचलित (prachali/popular) television networks, Sony Entertainment. This कार्यक्रम (kaaryakram/program), called Crime Patrol, is a cinematic recreation of how India’s police force has solved (mostly) भीषण (bheeshaN/gruesome) crimes. Some of the प्रकरण (prakaraN/episodes) are presented…

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