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A Tiger Safari in January Posted by on Jan 11, 2022 in Travel & Geography

If you watch and listen to this Uttarakhand native provide an explanation व्याख्या of Bengal tiger sightings in Jim Corbett National Park, you will want to jump on a plane to go there immediately तुरंत. Jim Corbett National Park and Tiger Reserve is one of the many tourist sites of India. This gorgeous wildlife sanctuary वन्यजीव अभ्यारण्य is home to India’s national animal, the Bengal tiger. It is also home to a variety of creatures – great and small.

Where is Corbett National Park?

The park is located 280 kilometers northeast of the capital of India, New Delhi. By road, it is a 5-6 hour journey.  It is also conveniently आसानी से accessible from Nainital, Uttarkhand.

The Tiger Reserve is approximately 800 square miles and it is situated at the foothills तलहटी of the Himalayas in the state of Uttarakhand. It is Asia’s first national राष्ट्रीय park and India’s first tiger reserve. It was established स्थापना in 1936 and named after Jim Corbett.

Who was Jim Corbett?

Born Edward James Corbett, Jim was an avid wild game hunter who later became a naturalistप्रकृतिवादी. He was also an avid photographer and author लेखक.

He was born in Uttarakhand in 1875 to British parents. He knew the area very well as he had spent his childhood developing excellent skills उत्कृष्ट कौशल in the wild.

He wrote many books, the most famous one, The Man-Eaters of Kumaon. He hunted man-eating tigers and was famous for being a champion too of tigers.

According to a story, there was once a man-eating tigress that came into the Uttarakhand area from Nepal. She had already killed 436 people. He followed the tigress बाघ and was able to kill her with 3 gunshots. He later wrote about this experience in his book. He recounted that after he had killed her he examined her teeth and discovered that she was forced to eat humans इंसान because her teeth were broken.

Oddly, he was a compassionate hunter शिकारी if there is such a thing.

What can you see in the Park?

Corbett National Park is also a tiger reserve टाइगर रिजर्व but the surrounding areas are also home to the 700 odd Asiatic elephants and a variety of antelope, deer, and birds.

The river, Ram Ganga is also home to a variety of fish and the long-nosed crocodile मगरमच्छ. Along with these are the many residents and migratory waterfowl पानी की पक्षियां.  There are approximately 550 types of birds that inhabit Corbett.

Spending the night in the wild

The park is divided into 5 zones. Only 2 of the five zones are open year-round.

Best time to visit

The most favorable time to visit is from mid-November to mid-June, just before the onset of the monsoons.

There are simple rest houses for visitors to stay in the park. Visitors are advised not to wear shiny clothes, perfume or jewelry. There are also resorts outside the park that offer a variety of options.

Corbett attracts many visitors and tourists who love wildlife वन्यजीव. There are designated zones निर्दिष्ट क्षेत्र for tourism in the park. Visitors can go for an elephant ride as well as climb one of the viewing posts scattered around the park.

The park supports a growing community initiative to encourage tourists. This initiative supports the locals by raising awareness of the local lifestyle.






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