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Active Voice in Hindi Posted by on May 27, 2013 in Hindi Language

The form of the verb which tell us about the main subject, action or mood is called वाच्य (Vaachy – Voice (grammatical)) in Hindi.

In Hindi, there are three grammatical voices which are called कृत्य वाच्य (Krity Vaachy – Active Voice), कर्म वाच्य (Karm Vaachy – Passive Voice), and भाव वाच्य (Bhaav Vaachy – Impersonal Voice). In this post, I will tell you more about कृत्य वाच्य (Krity Vaachy – Active Voice) and present you some examples Hindi sentences in the active voice.

Active voice is formed when the subject of the verb is the main subject of the sentence, then it is called कृत्य वाच्य (Krity Vaachy – Active Voice) in Hindi.

उदाहरण (Udaaharan – Examples):

1. हिरन दौड़ता है। (Hiran daudta hai – Deer runs.)

2. आदमी चल रहा है। (Aadmi chal raha hai – Man is walking.)

3: अध्यापक हमें पढ़ाते हैं। (Adhyaapak humein padaate hain – Teachers teach us.)

4: कमल ने एक अच्छा गाना गया। (Kamal ne ek achcha gaana gayaa – Kamal has sung a good song.)

5: मैं प्रतिदिन व्यायाम करता हूँ। (Main pratidin vyaayam karta hoon – I work out daily.)

6: हम सब रात में सोते हैं। (Hum saab raat mein sote hain – We sleep at night.)

7: मैं पुस्तक पढ़ सकता हूँ। (Main pustak pad sakta hoon – I can read a book.)

8: दादी कहानी सुनाएगी। (Dadi kahani sunaayegi – Grandmother will tell a story.)

9: सीता ने खाना खाया। (Sita ne khaana khaaya – Sita has eaten food.)

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  1. pravin:

    what is kartru vachak sangna and example of kartruvachak sangna.