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Vocabulary in Hindi – Health & the Body Posted by on May 26, 2013 in Hindi Language

Do you know the vocabulary of health (स्वास्थ्य – Svaasthy) and body (शरीर – Sharir) in Hindi? If your answer is no, let me help you with this post.

You want to describe your health condition or the body in Hindi and you are lost of words as you don’t know the vocabulary the same. To help you to learn the vocabulary for the same, I have made an extensive word list. English and their translation into Hindi (in Devanagari script) is given along with their pronunciations in Hindi. Hope you’ll learn many new words in Hindi with this post.

English Hindi Romanized Hindi
Ache  पीड़ा Peeda
Cure  उपचार Upchaar
Digest  पचाना Pachaana
Fatigue थकान Thakaan
Immune  रोगक्षम Rogsham
Massage  मालिश Malish
Paralyze  पंगु बना देना Pung bana dena
Patient  रोगी Rogi
Scar निशान Nishaan
Surgery  शल्य-चिकित्सा Shalya-Chikitsa
Symptom  लक्षण Lasan
Therapy  चिकित्सा Chikitsa
Transplant  आरोपित करना Aaropit Karana
Vomit वमन Vaman
Active  सक्रिय Sakriya
Appetite  भूख Bhook
Blind अंधा Andha
Conscious सचेत Sachit
Cough  खांसी Khaasi
Diagnose  निदान Nidaan
Fatal  घातक Ghaatak
Handicap  अपंगता Apangata
Heal स्वस्थ करना Svastha Karna
Ill अस्वस्थ Svaadha
Prescribe  औषध-निर्देशन Aaushidh-Nirdeshan
Sober  शांत Shaant
Stomach  पेट Pet
Strong  शक्तिशाली Shaktishaali
Tissue ऊतक Utaak
Addiction  व्यसन Vyasan
Athlete  व्यायामी Vyaayyami
Disease  बीमारी Bimari
Disabled  विकलांग Vikalaang
Drown  डूबना Dubana
Health  स्वास्थ्य Svaasthy
संक्रमण Sankraman
Nutrition  पोषण Paushan
Poison  विष Vish
Sanitary  स्वास्थ्य-संबंधी Svaasthy-Sabandhi
Sore  पीड़ादायक Pidaadayak
Swallow  निगलना Nigalana
Throat  कंठ Kanth
Vaccinate टीका लगाना Tika Lagaana
Allergy  प्रत्यूर्जता Pratyarajata
रक्त बहना Rakt Behna
Breathe  साँस Sans
Bruise  खरोंच Kharonch
Diet  आहार Aahaar
Dose  खुराक Khuraak
Fever  ज्वर Jvar
Muscle  मांसपेशी Maanspeshi
Pregnant  गर्भवती Garbhavati
Strain  तनाव Tanaav
Suffer  पीड़ित होना Pidit Hona
Trauma  अभिघात Abhighaat
Virus वायरस Virus
Slim छरहरा Charahara
Naked नग्न Nagn
Slender  पतला Patala
Fit  ठीक Theek
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  1. zoya blake:

    Thanks so much for all this info. I’m studying Hindi by myself, and grateful for all the help I can get! I find learning the gender of nouns really tedious.