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Administrative Divisions of India Part II Posted by on Oct 9, 2009 in Hindi Language

The state language of Maharashtra is Marathi. Mumbai (formerly called Bombay) is the capital city of this state. Mumbai is the largest financial center in India. Maharashtra is the richest state in India.

The state language of Manipur is Manipuri. Manipur is located in the northeastern part of India. Separatist groups have made Manipur a sensitive border state. Special permission must be obtained to enter Manipur.

The majority of the inhabitants of Mizoram are Christian. (Hindus are actually a minority in Mizoram.) In Mizoram, the selling and consuming of alcohol is prohibited.

The state language of Meghalaya is Garo. Ancestry in Meghalaya is traced matrilineally. The female population also outnumbers the male population. Christianity is the dominant religion.

The official language of Nagaland is English, but there are about sixty different dialects spoken among the tribes of Nagaland. Christianity is the dominant religion.

The state language of Orissa is Oriya. The longest dam in the world, Hirakud, is located in Orissa. The state of Orissa is prone to severe cyclone attacks.

The state language of Punjab is Punjabi. The Punjab area is home to many Sikhs. Punjab is the single largest provider of wheat in India, and its poverty rate is the lowest in India.

The state language of Rajasthan (राजस्थान) is Hindi. Rajasthan is called the shopper’s paradise. Rajasthan is famous for its intricate handicrafts, furniture and textiles.

The official language of Sikkim is English, but Nepali is also spoken as well. Sikkim is the least populated state in India. It is the only state in India with a Nepalese majority.

The state language of Tamil Nadu is Tamil. Tamil Nadu is home to five UNESCO World Heritage Sites, beautiful Hindu temples of Dravidian orgin and many religious pilgrimage sites.

The state language of Tripura is Kokborok, although Bengali is also spoken as well. Tripura was orginally an independent kingdom, but merged with India in 1949.

The state language of Uttar Pradesh (उत्तर प्रदेश) is Hindi. Uttar Pradesh is the most populated state in India. It is home to the Taj Mahal. It is an important place for Buddhists, because Gautama Buddha died here.

The state language of Uttarakhand (उत्तराखण्ड) is Hindi. Uttarakhand is called the Land of the Gods because of its numerous Hindu pilgrimage sites. It is also host to some of the elite universities in India.

The state language of West Bengal is Bengali. West Bengal was home to famous people like Rabindranath Tagore (Asia’s first Nobel laureate) and Satyajit Ray (Indian filmmaker).

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