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Causative Verbs Posted by on Oct 12, 2009 in Hindi Language

In English, causative verbs are things that allow someone to do something (Judy let me walk her dog), force someone to do something (My mother made me clean my room), or to convince someone to do something (The doctor got the patient to take the vaccine). In Hindi, there are also causative verbs in which an action is ’caused’ to happen through an agent. For example the Hindi word meaning “to drive” (चलाना) would be “to get driven” (चलवाना) when converted to a causative verb. To form the causative ending, drop the ना of the infinitive verb and add वाना to the stem of the verb.


To do: करना

To get done: करवाना

Sample Sentence:

He got the work done: उसने काम करवाया

Notice how the verb करवाया ends in या and not ना

To send: भेजना

To cause to send: भेजवाना

Sample Sentence:

She caused everyone to go home: उसने सबको घर भिजवाया

Now try this on on your own:

If the verb “to eat” is खाना, how would you change this to the causative verb “to get fed”?

Answer: खिलवाना

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