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Past Perfect Tense Posted by on Oct 15, 2009 in Hindi Language

In English the past perfect tense is used when the action was completed in the remote past. Examples of the past perfect tense are: ‘I had slept’ or ‘I had eaten’.

Here are some examples:

First with a transitive verb:

I had done: मैंने किया था

We had done: हमने किया था

You had done (both singular and plural): आपने किया था

He/She/It had done: उसने किया था

They had done (plural): उन्होंने किया था

Next with a masculine intransitive verb:

I had come: मैं आया था

We had come: हम आए थे

You had come (both singular and plural): आप आए थे

He/It had come: वह आया था

They had come: वे आए थे

In the feminine form:

I had come: मैं आई थी

We had come: हम आई थीं

You had come: आप आई थी

You had come (plural): आप आई थीं

She had come: वह आई थी

They had come: वे आई थीं


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  1. Libi Rubinsky:

    can you explain what does mean ने structure in Past Perfect Tense and how we can use it?
    Thank you!