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Ailments, Injuries, Illnesses Posted by on Oct 21, 2017 in Hindi Language

Got the sniffles? Broke a leg? Twisted your ankle? Or are you offering comfort to someone who is suffering a more serious affliction? When in India, it is useful to know names and terms for illnesses or ailments that you might encounter in conversations during daily business or travel.

Some of these might be useful if you’ve sprained a limb during a round of street soccer and need some quick treatment from the local doc. Others might come handy if you engage in deeper conversations with fellow travelers or hosts. Still others might be good to know if you’re in areas that are currently experiencing epidemics of infectious or contagious diseases.

khaansi cough
kharaash  sore throat
bukhaar  fever
zukaam  cold
moach  sprain
dard  pain/ache
सर दर्द
sar dard  head ache
पेट दर्द pet dard  stomach ache
duma  asthma
haija  cholera
कुष्ठ रोग
kusht rog  leprosy
कर्क रोग
kark rog  cancer
peeliya  jaundice
malaria  malaria
डेंगू dengue  dengue fever
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About the Author: Nitya

Namaste, friends. My name is Nitya. I was born and raised in Mumbai (formerly Bombay). I'm a native Hindi speaker. However, as life took me through school, college, work, and waves of friends from different parts of India, my repertoire of Hindi flavors and dialects grew and added dimension to my native fluency. Casual, formal, colloquial, and regional ... Hindi is a language with incredible variety and localization. Through this blog, I will help you learn Hindi through conversations, vocabulary, colloquialisms, and glimpses of Indian culture. आओ, मिलकर हिंदी सीखते हैं। (Aao, milkar Hindi seekhte hain!) Come, let's learn Hindi together.


  1. David:

    Do these nouns require a mujhe clause or mere pas?

    • Nitya:

      @David Hi David,

      No, they don’t use “mere paas.”

      If you are referring to an illness, you would use for example:

      “Mujhe zukaam/khaansi/peeliya/malaria hua hai.”
      (A cold/cough/jaundice/malaria has happened to me.)

      If you want to say that you have an ache of some sort, you could say: “Mere pet/sar/pair/gale mein dard hai.” (I have an ache in my stomach/head/leg/neck.)

      Alternatively, you could also say: “Mera sar dard kar raha hai.” (My head is hurting.)

      If you have a chronic ailment like asthma, you would say: “Mujhe duma hai.” (I have asthma.)

      I hope this clarifies things a little more for you.

  2. priya:

    Hope to learn more.