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Being Indian Posted by on Jun 9, 2013 in Hindi Language

What make Indian an Indian (भारतीय – Bhartiya) ? What are their passions? How you can define a person being Indian?

Let me show you some of the peculiarities that you will find about Indians.

Movies  (चित्रकथा – Chitrkatha)
Indians love to go to movies. As there are several languages in India so does the cinemas which include Bollywood (Hindi), Tollywood (Tamil) and etc. There is so much demand for the entertainment industry. This become self-evident by the fact (तथ्य – Tathy) that Bollywood is the biggest producer of motion pictures which are even more than its English counterpart Hollywood.

Cricket (क्रिकेट)
Cricket game is like a religion (धर्म – Dharm) in India. It is followed by most of India. You can imagine their passion (उत्साह – Utsaah) for cricket by the fact that many Indians will even take holiday (अवकाश – Avakaash) if there is important match (खेल – Khel) of cricket. During the league matches of cricket, people could be seen hooked to their TV screen.

Food (भोजन – Bhojan)
Indians are foodie. They love every taste which may range from one extreme to another. Their taste buds will savor the sweet Mithai (मिठाई – traditional sweets) as well as very bitter lemon pickles. Those taste are result of vast and diverse cuisine (भोजन – Bhojan), which is found in India. There are four cuisines representing India gastronomy. Out of those four cuisines, North Indian and South Indian cuisines are most popular. In North Indian cuisine, you will find numerous varieties of breads, vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, dessert, snacks, traditional sweets and drinks and much more. Similarly in South Indian cuisine, there is lot of variety of dishes based on rich, sea food and native spices.

Festivals (त्यौहार – Tyauhaar)
India has many festival and Indians love to celebrate their festival with passion. There is very vivid and celebrating mood (भाव – Bhaav) during every festival in India. Be it the festival of light Diwali, India’s biggest festival where people can be seen in very uplifting mood. Indian festivals are so much fun and inspiring that they are now being adopted and celebrated across world i.e. Holi is celebrated in many western countries as the festival of colors.

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  1. Vijay Modi:

    Very poor definition of an Indian! By the way – Tollywood stands not for Tamil but Bengali films made in Tollygunge (a suburb of Kolkata)

  2. Alina:

    To Vijay Modi. Do you really think Tollywood stands for Bengali films? I thought Kollywood stands for Bengali films – from the word “Kolkata”, but not its suburb…