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Common Kitchen Chores in Hindi Posted by on Apr 15, 2013 in Hindi Language

How about learning Hindi vocabulary and verbs related to common kitchen chores?

This post will present you some of the important verbs and vocabulary related to kitchen, vegetables, drinks etc. The post has a list of verbs for common kitchen chores. Each verbs is followed by the examples in Hindi giving you relevant vocabulary.

Kitchen is called रसोई कक्ष (Rashoi Kaksh or simply Rasoi).

Common Kitchen Chores

1. to make (verb) – बनाना (Banana)
खाना बनाना (Khana banana) – to make food
चाय बनाना (Chai banana) – to make tea
रोटी बनाना (Roti banana) – to make bread

2. to cook (verb) – पकाना (Pakaana)
खाना पकाना (Khana banana) – to cook food

3. to grind/pestle (verb) – कूटना (Kutana)
मसाले कूटना (Masale kutana) – to grind spices

4. to boil (verb) – उबालना (Ubalana)
पानी उबालना (Paani ubalana) – to boil water
दूध उबालना (Dudh ubalana) – to boil milk

5. to roll out (verb) – बेलना (Belna)
रोटी बेलना (Roti belna) – to roll out bread

6. to bake (verb) – सेकना (Sekna)
रोटी सेकना (Roti sekna) – to bake bread

7. to broil/roast (verb) – भूनना (Bhunana)
मुर्गा भूनना (Murga bhunana) – to roast chicken.

8. to start (verb) – चलाना (Chalana)
चुह्ला चलाना (Chuhla chalana) – to start a stove

9. to extract (verb) – निकालना (Nikalna)
रस निकालना (Ras nikalna) – to extract juice

10. to wash (verb) – धुलना (Dhulna)
चावल धुलना (Chaawal dhulna) – to wash rice
दाल धुलना (Daal dhulna) – to wash lentil
सब्जी धुलना (Sabzi dhulna) – to wash vegetables
फल धुलना (Phal dhulna) – to wash fruits

11. to sieve/filter (verb) – छानना (Chaanna)
आटा छानना (Aanta chaanna) – to sieve flour

12. to knead dough (verb) – गूंधना (Gundhana)
आंटा गूंधना (Aanta gundhana) – to knead dough

13. to pick out (verb) – बिनना (Binana):
चावल बिनना (Chaawal binana) – to pick out rice
दाल बिनना (Daal binana) – to pick out lentil

14. to cut (verb) – काटना (Kaatna)
सब्जी काटना (Sabzi kaatna) – to cut vegetables
आलू काटना (Aloo kaatna) – to cut potatoes

15. to peel (verb) – छिलना (Chilana)
मटर छिलना (Matar chilana) – to peel green peas
गाजर छिलना (Gaajar chilana) – to peel carrot

16. to put onto the stove (verb) – चढ़ाना (Chadhana)
चावल चढ़ाना (Chaawal chadhana) – to put rice onto the stove

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  1. Kate:

    Thank you for this! I will be sure to learn some of these words.
    I am a beginner and am not sure how to use these words in a sentence. Could I have some help with a simple sentence or two I can plug these words into? For example: I have to make tea, I want to make tea, or shall I make tea?

    • Nitin Kumar:

      @Kate Namaste Kate!

      I’m glad that you liked the post. Following your suggestion, I’m going to write my next post on the usage with some example sentences.
      You’ll see the next post by this weekend.


  2. Madhukar das:

    How do you say to fry/deep fry/dry roast/mash/stir?

    • Nitin Kumar:

      @Madhukar das Namaste Madhukarji,

      The hindi translation of your words are:

      fry = तलना (talna)
      deep fry = ज्यादा तलना (jyaada talna)
      dry roast = baking = सेंकना (sekna)
      mash = मसलना (masalna)
      stir = हिलाना (hilaana)

      • Neeta:

        @Nitin Kumar Nitinji

        For baking a cake what wud u say…. cake sekana wud not be appropriate I think

        • Nitin Kumar:

          @Neeta Cake banana is used for baking a cake.

  3. Malohat:

    धन्यवाद!उपयोगी काम करते हैं. मैं हिंदी में जानना चाहता हूँ.

  4. aditi gayakwad:

    we shouid include yoga in our chores.
    i help my mother in chores of household work.