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Conversations in Hindi – Doctor’s Visit Posted by on Nov 10, 2011 in Hindi Language

In case of being ill, we have to visit a doctor. We must be able to explain the symptoms of illness and understand the treatment prescribed by the doctor from such a visit (from a communication’s prospective)

I would like to show you a situation where a person have to go to a doctor for consultation and prescription. If you ever have to encounter such a situation, which I hope you won’t have to, you can use the following conversation with a doctor. Below, I have given this conversation in Hindi, romanized Hindi and English translation with some useful notes.

Daniel to Doctor:
नमस्ते / नमस्कार डॉक्टर साहब / अंकल!
Namaste / Namaskar Doctor Sahab/ Ankle!
Hello / Hello (more formal) Doctor / Doctor Uncle! (if youngster)

Doctor to Daniel:
नमस्ते / नमस्कार, डेनिअल जी!
Namaste / Namskar Daniel Ji!
Hello / Hello (more formal) Mr. Daniel!

बोलिए, आपको क्या तकलीफ / परेशानी है?
Boliye, aapko kya taklif / paresani hain?
So, what problem do you have?

Daniel to Doctor:
डॉक्टर साहब / अंकल, कल से मुझे बुखार है और सर्दी भी लग रही है.
Doctor Sahab/ Ankle, kal se mujhe bukhar hai aur sardi bhi lag rahi hai.
Doctor, since yesterday I have fever and also feeling cold.

Doctor to Daniel:
अच्छा, मैं जाँच कर लेता हूँ. आप जरा जोर-जोर से साँस लीजिए.
Accha, mein janch kar leta hoon. Aap jara jor-jor se sans lijiye.
Okay, I will check you. Please take some deep breathes.

अब कृपया यह थर्मोमीटर आप आपने मुँह में २ मिनट के लिए लगा लीजिए.
Ab kripya yeh thermometer aap aapne munh mein 2 minute ke liye laga lijiye.
Now, please keep this thermometer in your mouth for 2 minutes.

आप को सही में बुखार है. चिंता मत कीजिये, मैं कुछ दवाईयाँ लिख देता हूँ. कृपया आप यह दवाईयाँ २ दिन तक लेते रहे.
Aap ko to sahi mein bukar hai. Chinta mat kijiye, main kuch davaiiyan likh deta hoon. Kripya Aap yeh davaiiyan 2 din tak lete rahein.
You really have fever. Don’t worry, I will prescribe few medicines. Please take them for 2 days.

यह दवाईयाँ दिन में दो बार, कुछ खाने के बाद ले लेना. खाना हल्का लेना और आराम भी सही से लीजिए.
Yeh davaiiyan din mein do bar, kuch khane ke baad le lena. Khana halka lena aur aaram bhi sahi ke lijiye.
Take these medicines twice a day after taking some meal. Take light meal and also take good rest.

Daniel to Doctor:
ठीक है डॉक्टर साहब / अंकल.
Thik hai Doctor Sahab / Ankle.
Okay Doctor / Doctor Uncle.

Doctor to Daniel:
और, अगर दो दिन में स्वस्थ में सुधार न हो तो कृपया फिर आ कर जाँच करा ले.
Aur, Aagar do dino mein svasth mein sudhar na ho to kripya fir se aa kar janch kara lein.
And, If your health doesn’t improve in two days, please visit and get yourself checked again.

Daniel to Doctor:
बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद डॉक्टर साहब!
Bahut bahut Dhanyavad Doctor Sahab / Ankle!
Thank you very much Doctor!

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