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Cricket World Cup 2015 Posted by on Mar 26, 2015 in Hindi Language

As you may already know, Cricket game is like a religion (धर्म – Dharm) in India. It is followed by most of India. You can imagine their passion (उत्साह – Utsaah) for cricket by the fact that many Indian will even take holiday (अवकाश – Avakaash) if there is important match (खेल – Khel) of cricket. During the league matches of cricket, people could be seen hooked to their TV screen. Most of the Indians swear by two things, these are Cricket and Movies. Hindi speakers eagerly awaits the release of new films.It seems that the movie culture is now an inherent part of the Indian life.

Slogan of Indian Cricket Team, the defending champions – We won’t give it back!

Cricket World Cup is the ultimate challenge (चुनौती – Chunauti) in the game of Cricket, all cricket playing countries participate in this much anticipated competition (प्रतियोगिता  – Protiyogita). The teams are grouped in two pool and top 4 teams from each pool goes to quarterfinals. The world cup is played once in every 4 years. In this year’s cricket world cup, India are the defending champions, having won the tournament in 2011 when it was held in the Indian subcontinent, defeating Sri Lanka in the finals by 6 wickets. This year too, the hopes are high and people are full of passion. In this world cup, India is grouped in Pool B. So far, the team has been playing some fine game and won 6 out of 6 games in Pool game and quarterfinal against Bangladesh. Now, India will play against Australia in much awaited semi-final between two cricket rivals.

India's World Cup 2015 Points

India’s World Cup 2015 Points

The Indian cricket team has rivalries with other cricket playing nations, especially with Pakistan, the political arch-rival of India. The game between these two rival countries are always intense. You can imagine how important the match between India and Pakistan by the fact that, the tickets for match played on 15 February 2015 were reportedly sold out within 12 minutes of going on sale. However in recent times, rivalries with nations like Australia, England and South Africa have also gained prominence.

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