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Emphasis in Hindi Posted by on Dec 28, 2014 in Hindi Language

Emphasis are the words which are placed after a word or phrase in a sentence and changes its meaning. In Hindi, Emphasis is called निपात (Nipaat). They are very important and yet difficult to understand by beginners. The emphasis in Hindi can have a particular meaning depending on the context.

Some of the emphasis in Hindi are as follow. The word highlighted in blue is the word on which emphasis is being made.

1. ही – Hi – Just, Merely, Only


a. रोहन ही जा रहा है। – Rohan hi jaa raha hai – Rohan is going only.
b. वह भारत ही जा रहा है। – Veh Bharat hi jaa raha hai. – He is going to India only.
c. वह सिगरेट ही पीता है। – Veh cigarette hi pita. – He just smoke cigarette.

2. भी – Bhi – Too, Also or Even


a. मैं भी जा रहा हूँ। – Main bhi jaa raha hoon. – I am going too.
b. वह दिल्ली भी जाएगा। – Veh Dilli bhi jaayega. – He will also go to Delhi.
c. मैं एक फिल्म भी देखूंगा। – Main ek film bhi dekhunga. – I will also watch a movie.

3. तो – To – Although, But, However, Indeed


a. मगर तुम तो गए थे। – Magar tum to gaye the. – But you, indeed, have gone.
b. मगर वो पढ़ता तो है। – Magar vo padhta to hai. – But he, indeed, study.
c. मुझे सोने तो दो। – Mujhe sone to do. – Let me, however, sleep.

4. तक – Tak – Till, Even


a. तुम गए तक नहीं? – Tum gaye tak nahi ? – You haven’t even gone?
b. तुमने काम तक नहीं किया। – Tumne kaam tak nahi kiya – You haven’t even done the work.
c. मैं बोला तक नहीं। – Main bola tak nahi. – I didn’t even speak.

5. मात्र/ केवल – Maatr/Keval – Just, Only


a. शिक्षा मात्र मनुष्य को ऊंचा – Shiksha maat manush ko unchaa udha sakti hai. – Only education can lift a person.
b. मुझे केवल एक प्रश्न पूछना है। – Mujhe keval ek prashn puchne do. – Let me ask just one question.
c. मात्र बातें बनाने से कुछ नहीं होगा, हमें काम करना होगा। – Maatr baatein banane se kuch nahi hoga, humne kaam karna hoga. – Nothing will happen by just talks, we have to work.

6. भर – Bhar – Even, Only


a. मैं उससे जानता भर नहीं। – Main usse janta bhar nahi – I don’t even know him/her.
b. चार अक्षर भर पढ लेने से तुम्हारा भला नहीं हो सकता। – Chaar akshar bhar padh lene se tumhara bhalaa nahi ho sakta. – By learning only few words won’t do you any good.

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