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Facebook Changes! Posted by on Sep 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

As usual, I opened my Facebook account yesterday and my account page looked different. It took me a while to figure out that, Facebook has again gone to the layout changes. For me, each time the changes comes, it comes as surprise and there is no prior intimation about them. Sure enough, surprise is meant to surprise and surprises from Facebook really do!

Over this week, there has been several changes on Facebook’s layout and new features are added. I couldn’t resist to write something on what going on with Facebook during this entire week and how these changes are going to effect all of us.

We asked you, our Hindi page community to express your views on these changes.

For some, the surprising changes are welcomed as one reader says “फेसबुक का नए आउटलेट अच्छा है|” – Facebook’s new outlay is great!

But some just can’t resist to express their discomfort as one reader points out “बिलकुल अच्छा नहीं है। क्या हो गया है मुख पुस्तक को??” – Not good at all! What happened to Facebook?? Another says “फिर ?!” – Again?!

I can understand this feeling as Facebook is now loaded with many features and for some, many features are indeed just useless. They just need a reliable and secure way to communicate with their friends.

Some of our readers believe that recent changes looked like as they have been taken from Google+ as “Google+ की नक़ल मारी है सालों ने! – Stupids have copied Google+! while other believe that it is way to compete against Google+ as “चलो, फेसबुक ने Google+ के विरोध में प्रयास शुरू कर दिया है” – Well, Facebook has started competing against Google+!

For me, some changes are really incredible.

One big change is, links!  Now,  links for the news feed, subscribed pages & group and messages from friends can be accessed with a single click and well placed on the left side of page.

Another great change is,  pictures! Now, you can post your pics on your status and it comes out very well with new layout. Few of my friends has posted pics in status and picture size was just right. Previously, posted pics were small and hard to appreciate.

Now the area of the right side is loaded with recent comments and changes that I or my friends have made. I found it quite useful as I could see what my friends saying or updating without scrolling all the way down to look for status messages and comments from them.

Friends list is updated and now you can add friends in different category as close friends and so on. Friends are now grouped as per their location or group.  Now, I can find all update from my friends from University or Music group I have recently subscribed. Placing a friend to multiple group is now possible as each group shows friends suggestion list (who are already in your general friend list) on right side to add to that particular group.

I was expecting one change and that was about the buttons on upper right corner. For changing to my profile, home and some other including log out seems out of sync to me and need redesign. No luck this time but as Facebook is planning more changes ahead, I am still hopeful.

All in all, there have been some great changes which will again redefine the way we will use Facebook. 🙂

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