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Hindi Consonants Again! Posted by on Mar 21, 2009 in Hindi Language


The Hindi alphabet is very long, especially the consonants. So without further delay let’s continue:

is pronounced like the p in sPin. The Hindi word for kite contains this sound (पतंग).

is like the uph in UP Hill. Fruit = (फल).

like the b in Bee. Duck = (बतख).

like bh in aBHor. Bear = (भालू).

like the m in Mare. Fish = (मछली).

like the y in Yes. Yoga = (योग).

is kind of like the r in Roll. Chariot = (रथ).

like the l in Lend. Girl = (लड़की).

is sort of like the sound in between an English w and an English v. Forest = (वन).

is the sh in SHell. Sherbet = (शरबत). Sherbet (शरबत) is a Indian beverage served cold.

is almost pronounced like an sh, but with more aspiration. Hexagon = (षदकोण).

like the s in Sea. Vegetables = (सब्जी).

like the h in Him. Hammer = (हथौड़ा).

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