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Hindi Consonants Continued Posted by on Mar 15, 2009 in Hindi Language

I’m back! We’re going to start where we left off with the Hindi consonants (व्यंजन):

– Is a hard English t like Trick. The Hindi word that contains this sound is the Hindi word for tomato (टमाटर)

– is like the th in lighTHouse. The Hindi words for blacksmith = (ठठेरा)

– is like the d in Dorm. The Hindi words for robber or bandit is (डकैती)

– is like the dh in muDHut. Cattle = (ढोर)

– is a nasal sound and like the n in turNing. The sound is made with the tip of your tongue. This letter is only used for Sanskrit loan words, not for actual Hindi words.

– there’s really no comparable English word that contains this sound. The best I can do is explain it as a th sound with a soft English t sound. The word for scale = (तराजू)

– It’s kind of like the t in Tin. It’s like a t sound, but with more aspiration. Police Station = (थाना)

– Kind of like the d in Din, but make the sound with your teeth. Frog = (दादुर)

– Kind of like a d that’s murmured. Bow = (धनुष)

– Kind of like the n in No, pronounced through the teeth. Faucet = (नल)

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