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Have you ever wondered about literature in Hindi?  Today, we will know about some of the famous modern age writers in the history of Hindi literature. You can study their works which could be a good learning in Hindi and the culture of speakers of Hindi of their timeline which are reflected by their works.

Munshi Premchand (मुंशी प्रेमचंद), (1880–1936) was notably the most famous writer of modern Hindi-Urdu literature of early twentieth century.The writing style of Munshi Premchand was simple and interesting which was a result of his affluent use of dialect of common people and restraining from use of Hindi word derived from Sanskrit. Through his novels he tried to describe the Indian society of his time from rural prospective. His work revolve around the issues of communism, corruption, poverty, colonialism etc.

His famous works include:

Novels (उपन्यास) : Gaban, Seva Sadan, Godaan, Karmabhoomi, Kaayakalp, Manorama, Mangalsootra incomplete, Nirmala, Pratigya, Premashram, Rangbhoomi, Vardaan, Prema.
Short- Story (कहानी संग्रह) : Panch Parameshvar, Idgah, Mantra, Nashaa, Shatranj ke khiladi, Poos ki raat, Atmaram to name a few.
Play(नाटक): Karbala

Hazari Prasad Dwivedi (हजारी प्रसाद द्विवेदी) (1907–1979) was a great Hindi novelist, literary historian, essayist, critic and scholar. He wrote several novels, essays and write up on growth of Hindi literature.

He was awarded Padma Bhushan, a third highest civilian honor for his contribution to Hindi literature, and he also awarded Sahitya Akademi Award in Hindi.

His famous works include:

“Nakhoon Kyon Barhte Hain”,”Kutaj”, ‘Alok Parva’, “Ashok ke phool”, “Banbhatta Ki Atmakatha”, “Anamdas Ka Potha”, “Punarnava”, and “Charuchandra Lekh”

Suryakant Tripathi ‘Nirala’ (सूर्यकांत त्रिपाठी ‘निराला’) (1896– 1961) was one of the most famous figures of the
modern Hindi literature. He remained unrecognized during his lifetime. He wrote poems, novels, essays and story-stories.

His writing style was much different than  the other writers of his time. Much of his work remained
unpublished due to its this unconventional nature of his work.He raised various issues which were reflected in his work that includes nationalism, mysticism, and love for nature and progressive humanist ideals in his works.

His famous works include:
Novels (उपन्यास) : Apsara (अपसरा), Alka (अलका), Prabhavati (प्रभावती), Nirupama (निरुपमा), Chameli (चमेली), Choti ki Pakar (चोटी की पकड़), Uchchhrankhalta (उच्चारणखल्ता), Kale Karname (काले कारनामें), Parimal (परिमल) and Anaamika (अनामिका).
Story-collections (कहानी संग्रह): Chhaturi Chamar (चतुरी चमार), Sukul ki Biwi (सुकुल की बीवी), Sakhi (सखी), Lily (लिली), Devi (देवी).

Om Prakash Sharma (ओम प्रकाश शर्मा ) (1924– 1998) was a notable writer of detective novels in Hindi of the twentieth century. He wrote more than 450 Hindi detective novels and some poems. He also wrote against social oppression.

His detective novels were great amalgamation of script of actual incident and his incredible imagination on other hand, that use to create a curiosity and suspense in mind of the reader.

Some of his famous works include:
Sanjh Ka Sooraj, Nili Ghodi ka Sawar, Pishach Sundari, Phir Aaya Toofan, Doosra Taj Mahal, Apne Desh ka Ajnabi.

Vishnu Prabhakar (विष्‍णु प्रभाकर) (1912 – 2009)
was a very versatile Hindi writer. He wrote several short stories, novels, plays and travelogues. His works are of patriotism, nationalism and messages of social upliftment and a reflection of modern Indian society.

His famous works include:
Novels : Dhalti Raat, Nishikant, Tat Ke Bandhan, Swapnmayi, Darpan Ka Vyakti, Parchhai, Koi To,

Bharatendu Harishchandra (भारतेन्दु हरिश्चन्द्र) (1850– 1885)
is known as the father of modern Hindi literature and considered one of the great Hindi writers of modern India. His wrote on the issues of country’s poverty, agonies of the people, dependency, inhuman exploitation, the problems of the middle class and the urge for the progress of the country.

His famous works include:
Vaidiki himsa hitnsa na bhavati ( वैदिक हिंसा हिसा न भवति ), Bharat durdasha (भारत दुर्दशा), The mythological classic Satya Harishchandra i.e. `Truthful Harishchandra`, Neel devi (नीलदेवी), The political Andher nagari
Bhagat sarvagya (भक्तसर्वस्व), Prem malika (प्रेममालिका), Prem Maduri (प्रेम माधुरी), Prem Tarang (प्रेम-तरंग) to name a few.

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    • Nitin:

      @vivekananda All mentioned writers are notable writers in Hindi. Munshi Premchand was only writer who wrote also in Urdu, if that was your concern. But he wrote mainly in Hindi and he is very important writer in the history of Hindi so he can’t be excluded. If I will get more request on this topic, I will surely write more on it.

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    My topic of P.H.D. is Kulpati misra ke grantho ka shastriya vishleshan. Please help me if you have any books related to that or website.