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Hindi Numbers 1 – 20 Posted by on Oct 23, 2012 in Hindi Language

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Numeral in English Numeral in Hindi
Devanagari Script Rom. Hindi
0 zero शून्य Shuniye
1 one एक Ek
2 two दो Do
3 three तीन Teen
4 four चार Char
5 five पांच Panch
6 six छह Cheh
7 seven सात Saat
8 eight आठ Aath
9 nine नौ Nau
10 ten १० दस Das
11 eleven ११ ग्यारह Gyaarah
12 twelve १२ बारह Baarah
13 thirteen १३ तेरह Tehrah
14 fourteen १४ चौदह Chaudah
15 fifteen १५ पंद्रह Pandrah
16 sixteen १६ सोलह Saulah
17 seventeen १७ सत्रह Satrah
18 eighteen १८ अठारह Atharah
19 nineteen १९ उन्नीस Unnis
20 twenty २० बीस Bees

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