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Vocabulary in Hindi – Personal Feelings and States Posted by on Oct 24, 2012 in Hindi Language

Many of you might have struggled to describe someone’s feeling or state in Hindi. What would you call if you’d find someone happy? What would be Hindi word for angry? Many of beginner as well as intermediate learners are puzzled with such questions. To give you some relief, I have prepared a vocabulary list of personal feelings and states.

The vocabulary list presents English words and their equivalent words in Hindi along with the pronunciation scheme (Romanized spellings).

Positive Feelings and States

English Word Hindi Word Romanized Spelling
blissful आनंदमय anandmay
brave बहादुर bahaadur
careful सावधान saavadhan
cautious सतर्क satark
clever चालाक chaalak
confident आश्वस्त aashvast
curious उत्सुक utsuk
ecstatic उन्मादपूर्ण unmadapurn
excited उत्तेजित uttejit
fair निष्पक्ष nishpaksh
fantastic विलक्षण vilakshan
friendly मित्रवत mitravat
glad प्रसन्न prashann
good अच्छा achcha
great महान mahan
happy खुश khush
honest सत्यवादी satyavaadi
innocent निर्दोष nirdosh
interesting दिलचस्प dilchasp
joyful हर्षित harshit
meditative ध्येय dhyey
nice अच्छा achcha
optimistic आशावादी aashavaadi
pleasant सुखद sukhad
pleased सन्तुष्ट santusht
proud गर्वित garvit
quiet शांत shaant
satisfied संतुष्ट santusht
sensible समझदार samashdar
serious गंभीर gambhir
surprised हैरान haeraan
wonderful अद्भुत adabhut

Negative Feelings and States

English Word Hindi Word Romanized Spelling
angry नाराज naaraaj
annoyed नाराज naaraaj
aggressive आक्रामक aakraamak
agonized कष्टदायी kashtdaayi
arrogant अभिमानी abhimaani
awful डरावना daraavana
bad बुरा bura
bored ऊबा हुआ uba hua
confused परेशान pareshan
crazy सनकी sanki
disappointed निराश niraash
disbelieving अविश्वास avishvaas
disgusted निराश niraash
enraged क्रुद्ध krudadh
exhausted थका thaka
frightened भयभीत bhayabhit
frustrated निराश niraash
grieving दुःखी dukhi
guilty दोषी doshi
helpless असहाय asahaay
horrified भयातुर bhayaatur
hurt आहत aahat
hysterical उन्मत्त unmatt
indifferent उदासीन udaasin
idiotic मूर्खतापूर्ण murkhtaapurn
jealous ईर्ष्यालु ishyaarlu
lonely अकेला akela
lovesick प्रेमातुर premaatur
mad पागल paagal
mischievous शरारतपूर्ण sharaaratpurn
miserable अभागा abhaaga
nasty बुरा bhura
nervous घबराया हुआ ghabaraaya hua
sad दुःखी dukhi
shocked हैरान haeran
sheepish शर्मिंदा sharminda
silly मूर्ख murkh
smug आत्मसंतुष्ट aatmasantusht
strange अनोखा anokha
suspicious संदिग्ध sandigdh
stupid मूर्ख murkh
terrible भयानक bhayaanak
upset परेशान pareshan
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  1. Tarini:

    Thank you so much! This is a wonderful resource!! I’m a volunteer for a suicide awareness centre in India, on the helpline and I find that we have some major problems with language and how to find the right words for emotions and feelings. This is amazing!