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Breakfast in India varies from place to place. For example in Kerala and Tamil Nadu there is a popular breakfast dish called Puttu. Puttu is made by adding water to ground rice and adding spices like cumin. Then it is steamed with layers of grated coconut. The puttu is steamed in a special steaming apparatus that allows the steam to pass through both the rice and coconut. Puttu is often served with jaggery or coconut milk.


Akki Rotti is a breakfast dish consumed by the people in Karnataka. Akki Rotti is a type of warm rice pancake dish made into a dough that is mixed with rice flour, salt and water. While the dough is being kneaded, chopped onions, cumin seeds, carrots and coriander seeds are spread into a thin pancake over a griddle greased with oil. When the akki rotti turns slightly brown, the heat is turned off and consumed right away.


Misal is a breakfast dish in Maharashtra. It is a spicy dish made from matki, which is a type of curry made from dried peas. Then usal is added, which are beans cooked with tomatoes and onions. In addition, some spicy gravy, turmeric, chilies, coriander, ginger, mustard and boiled potatoes are added. Optional ingredients include a lemon slice and a curd called dahi. Misal is very nutritious and popular because they are normally sold very cheap as street food.


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