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Indian National Calender Posted by on Apr 24, 2013 in Hindi Language

In India, we have Indian national calendar which is derived from the Hindu calendar which is used since the ancient times. The Indian national calendar is called सक पंचांग (Saka/Sak Panchang) or Saka/Sak Calender which is used along with the Georgian calendar for the official work. Saka calendar is not only used in India, but also in Java, Bali, and Indonesia.

Hindu calendar has its origin in वेद (Ved), and has been standardized way back in 5th century BCE. Later, Hindu calendar has been refined over centuries by well-known ancient Indian mathematicians and astrologers such as अर्यभट्ट (Aryabhatt), वराहमिहिर (Varāhamihira), भास्कर (Bhaskar) etc. Calenders based on Indian Hindu calender are also used in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and Thailand.

The Hindu religion and astrology make extensive use of this Saka calendar. This means that Hindu festivals, timing of seasons, constellations and New Year, and other important information are based on this traditional calendar.

Month is called माह (Maah) and Zodiac is called राशि चक्र (Rashi Chakr).

Months and zodiacs as per सक पंचांग (Saka/Sak Panchang):



Month (Rom. Hindi)



Start date (Gregorian)

Tropical Zodiac




 (Rom. Hindi)

चैत्र Chaitr 30/31 March 22* Aries मेष Mesh
वैशाख Vaishākha 31 Ap ril 21 Taurus वृषभ Virishabh
ज्येष्ठ Jyaishtha 31 May 22 Gemini मिथुन Mithun
आषाढ Āshādha 31 June 22 Cancer कर्क Kark
श्रावण Shrāvana 31 July 23 Leo सिंह Singh
भाद्रपद Bhādrapada 31 August 23 Virgo कन्या Kanya
आश्विन Āshwin 30 September 23 Libra तुला Tulaa
कार्तिक Kārtika 30 October 23 Scorpio वृश्चिक Vrishichak
अग्रहायण Agrahayana 30 November 22 Sagittarius धनु Dhanu
पौष Pausha 30 December 22 Capricorn मकर Makar
माघ Māgha 30 January 21 Aquarius कुंभ Khumbh
फाल्गुन Phālguna 30 February 20 Pisces मीन Meen


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