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Indian Outdoor Markets Posted by on Aug 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

One of the best ways to get bargain prices on goods in India is to stroll around the various marketplaces that India has to offer. Have you ever been to the Chawri Bazaar? It is an outdoor market that sells a lot of brass, copper and paper items. If you ever need a copper pot, vases, oil lams, brass idols of Vishnu or Buddha and jewelry boxes, this market is perfect for you. Chawri Bazaar also specializes in stationary, so if you need to send wedding invitation cards, or buy fancy wallpaper, this is the best place to buy it.


Moazzam Jahi Market is an outdoor market in Hyderabad. The Moazzam Jahi Market is best known for its fruit market. You can find all the best fresh fruits at this Market. You can even find the more rare and exotic fruit that you normally can’t find in a grocery store at reasonable prices. In addition, the Moazzam Jahi Market is in the center of a transportation hub, so its very accessible to get to and there are several ways to get there.


Chor Bazaar is a large flea market in Mumbai. Here you can find all sorts of antiques like lamps from the colonial period, Ming vases, Victorian clocks, trinkets, furniture, paintings, posters and even auto parts. There’s practically almost everything at the Chor Bazaar. It’s a busy and bustling market with lots of people haggling to get the best value for their goods. It’s such a great place to meet people, practice your Hindi and shop for items!


Khwairaman Bazaar is a unique outdoor market in the city of Imphal in the state of Manipur. The special characteristic of this marketplace is that all the shop owners are women. It’s a wonderful way to give women the opportunity to run their own business and at the same time give them the independence and confidence to make their own decisions with their life. It’s an amazing way to support women and their businesses, so make sure to stop by the Khwairaman Bazaar!


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