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Indian Science and Tech Parks Posted by on Aug 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

India has the best tech and science parks you’ll ever see in your lifetime. One of the oldest science and tech park is the software park in Chennai called Olympia Tech Park. Chennai is famous for having the best tech and science parks, and the Olympia Tech Park is one of them. The most famous area in Olympia Tech Park is the Inner Ring Road. The Inner Ring Road contains a mass transit area that allows various modes of transportation.


Another famous tech and science park is TIDEL Park in Chennai. It’s one of the largest science and industrial parks in India. The TIDEL Park boasts many of the top software, telecommunications, computer, electronic data and financial systems data companies in the area. TIDEL Park also has its own power supply, which allows it to be well connected through satellite and other communication modes.


Technopark is not located in Chennai, but it has the reputation of being one of the earlier IT parks in India. Technopark is located in Kerala and hosts many software, electronic connectivity, and IT institutions and campuses for education. Other buildings include a Technopark mall, gym, guesthouse and restaurant. Some of the buildings were named after Indian rivers, so even if Technopark is global in nature, there is still that native Indian touch to the area.


HITEC City is a science and technology park in Hyderabad. It is a global IT hub with ties to Silicon Valley. You can find all segments of the IT industry in HITEC City. Companies like Dell, Microsoft, GE and others have links to HITEC City. Each year more and more companies are vying to set their business ventures in HITEC City. It’s parks like this that shows how India is making its mark on the world and will continue to do so in the future!


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