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Tombs in India Posted by on Aug 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

Some of the most beautiful monuments in India are the tombs of former rulers and wealthy men. You can read a previous post about it here: https://blogs.transparent.com/hindi/famous-mausoleums-of-india/. In order to create a lasting legacy of their existence on earth, some of these men built grand tombs to remind the world of their accomplishments.

In addition to the tombs mentioned in the link, there are additional tombs that are perhaps less famous, but definitely not inferior than the ones mentioned in the link. The Tomb of Adham Khan is one such example and is located in New Delhi. Adham Khan was a general who killed one of Akbar’s Prime Minister. In anger, Akbar threw him off of Fort Agra and Adham Khan died. You can still visit some of the passageways of the Tomb, but they were built like a maze and visitors can get lost quite easily.


The Tomb of Safdarjung is located in New Delhi. Safdarjung was a Prime Minister of the Mughal Emperor Muhammad Shah. Safdarjung was an exceptional Prime Minister and the Tomb is no less exceptional because it is a garden tomb with water canals that lead to the Tomb. In addition there is an elaborately decorated gateway with towers and a central dome. It’s too bad that the building is a tomb, because it’s exquisite enough to be luxury hotel or a residential palace.


The Tomb of Itmadud Daula is located in the city of Agra. The Tomb of Itmadud Daula is sometimes called the ‘Baby Taj’. That’s because the Tomb of Itmadud Daula was the predecessor of the Taj Mahal. I guess you can say that the builders of the Taj Mahal were partially inspired by the Tomb of Itmadud Daula. The earlier phase of the Tomb of Itmadud Daula is partially covered in red sandstone and the later phase is partially inlaid with marble.


The Tomb of Sheikh Salim Chishti was the tomb of a saint by the name of Salim Chishti. Akbar the Great commissioned this Tomb out of respect for this Salim Chishti. The Tomb of Sheikh Salim Chishti is upheld as the finest example of Mughal architecture. The main reason why is because the entrance of the tomb is made with white marble with intricately designed windows of arabesque patterns and a semi circular dome.


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