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Indian Stringed Instruments Posted by on Nov 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

Indian stringed instruments are quite different from the stringed instruments from the West. The uniqueness of Indian stringed instruments has lent itself to beautiful renditions of Indian music.

The Sitar (सितार) is a stringed instrument with a long neck made of wood and several bridges made of animal bone. The strings are played with a pick; while the rest of the sitar rests on the player’s right knee.


Sur Bahar (सुर बहार) looks like a sitar, but is actually quite a different looking instrument that emits a different sound from the sitar. The sur bahar has a long neck with wide frets.

The Rudra veena (रुद्रवीणा) stands out because its two round resonators are made of hollowed and dried gourds. The rest of the instrument is made of wood or bamboo.

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