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Indian Waterfalls Posted by on Nov 30, 2010 in Uncategorized

India is such a blessed nation. It has some of the best monuments, people, food and natural landmarks in the entire world. Speaking of natural landmarks, India has some of the most beautiful and highest waterfalls that a person could ever see. Here are my best picks :

Shivanasamudra Falls is a waterfall in Karnataka, India. This majestic waterfall is known for having multiple channels of water flow down a cliff. This view of the waterfall can be seen from a high tower. Every year, many people accidentally die by going off the path to take a photo of the waterfall. My advice would be to stay in the tower.

Dudhsagar Falls is India’s fifth tallest waterfall and is located in Goa, India. In the monsoon season, a torrent of water rushes to the bottom at an overwhelming speed. The view of this waterfall is accessible by train. This is a four tiered waterfall, so the water doesn’t drop in a smooth, linear line. Instead, the water flows over some uneven rocks along the way.

Jog Falls is a waterfall where the water drops straight directly to the bottom of the fall. That means that unlike Dudhsagar Falls, Jog Falls is not a tiered waterfall. If you go on the right day, the scenery at Jog Falls is unparallel to any waterfall. Sometimes you’ll see rainbows that put you in a good mood and other times a misty fog that gives the area a gloomy mysteriousness.

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