Last set of special compounds Posted by on May 7, 2009 in Hindi Language

When the half consonant r (र्) comes before any full consonant character, the half consonant r (र्) is written as a special mark over the full consonant. See if you can figure out what the special mark is. Type them in the comments section. Hint, not all the compounds have this special feature, so watch out!

s (स्) + ra () = sra (स्र). (सहस्र)(sahasra)(thousand)

s (स्) + ra () = stra (स्त्र). (स्त्री)(strii)(woman)

r (र्) + k () = (र्क). (अर्क)(arka)(extract)

r (र्) + h () = (र्प). (सर्प)(sarpa)(snake)

h (ह्) + m () = (ह्म). (ब्रह्मा)(Brahmaa)(god)

h (ह्) + ya () = (ह्य). (बाह्य)(bahya)(outer)

h (ह्) + r () = (हृ). (ह्रदय)(hrday)(heart)

k (क्) + ta () = (क्त). (वक्त)(vakta)(time)


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