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Namkeen Posted by on Nov 29, 2011 in Hindi Language

In North India, we enjoy every cup of our wonderful tea with some of our homemade tasty Namkeen (नमकीन – Snack). Some are little sour or salty or sweet or maybe the mixture of two. Mostly, they are homemade but these days these available as ready made and some of the brands are available all over the world. Most of them are deep fried in the oil.

Lets me show some of the snacks that are mostly enjoyed.

1. Dal Sev (दाल सेव)
These are made of flour and deep fried. These may contain lentils, rice and dry fruits. They can be spicy or sweet and sour.  Most of the people serve them along with Tea to their guest.

2. Papdi (पपड़ी)
These snacks are salty and round in the shape. These flour round cutlets are deep fried in the oil. These goes very well with the sweet north Indian tea that we enjoy. These can be store for longer duration and can be enjoyed on tea.

3. Churumuri (चुर्मुरी)
These are made of puffed rice, tomato pieces, onion, coriander, spices and other as per the taste. All are mixed together to make Churmuri. It don’t need deep frying. It could taste from salty to little bit sweet and sour as per the one’s recipes. These can be enjoyed anytime.

4. Namak Pare (नमक पारे)
These are my personal favorite. These are made of flour long cutlet that are deep fried. These can be store for longer time and can be enjoyed on every cup of tea. Many people serve them also along with Tea to their guest.

5. Bhujja (भुज्ज्या)
These are also called Sev. These are the variant of the Dal Sev, they don’t contain any lentil and dry fruits. They are mostly spices but salty one could also be found. They comes in various thickness but in the same shape.

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