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National Indian Calendar Posted by on Jul 30, 2009 in Hindi Language

The Gregorian calendar is used alongside the national Indian calendar. Like the solar calendar, the Indian calendar has tweleve months. There used to be dozens and dozens of Indian calendars all centered around each region’s religious festivals. Luckily, now there is only one standard Indian calendar. I have the Indian month which corresponds to a Gregorian month, so that you have some idea of when the Indian months take place.

Chaitra (चैत्र) starts around March 21

Vaisakha (वैशाख) starts April 21

Jyeshta (ज्येष्ठ) May 22

Aashaadha (आषाढ) June 22

Shraavana (श्रावण) July 23

Bhadrapada (भाद्रपद) August 23

Ashwin (अश्विन्) September 23

Kartik (कार्तिक) October 23

Margashirsha (मार्गशीर्ष) November 22

Pausha (पौष) December 22

Magh (माघ) Janurary 21

Phalguna (फाल्गुन) February 20


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  1. Dharmendra kumar:

    Hi there,

    Please send me the date of Akshya Tritiya (Baishaakh Shukla Paksha) of 1978.

    Please help.


  2. sonal:

    please send me the date of gituia tithi(bhardmas sukla pakhs) of 1978.

  3. mamata:

    please send me the date and details about nakhyatra from 7 am to 10 am of kartik month krushna pakhya 1st tuesday of 1978

    accually my elder syster missed jataka . she borned on the above said day and time and she has her jataka name hemaprava. she borned on morning time

  4. mamata:

    the date of chitra month last tuesday

  5. pradip:

    i want to know month of 1978 for hindi month shrawn krisn paksh.

  6. Prakash kumkar:

    please tell me the date on which dashera was in 1978

  7. krishna sharda:

    please send me date of Basanti Panchami in January 1978.