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In the state of Tamil Nadu, there is a big harvest festival called Pongal. This is a day where people give thanks for the first harvest of the season. This festival is named after a rice, cashew and brown sugar dish called pongal. Here is a video showing you how to make pongal:


In addition to eating pongal, there is a game called Jallikattu where the men of the village try to tame a bull. If an individual is able to tame the bull, the individual earns a prize. Unlike Spanish bullfighting, the Tamils do not kill the bull. However, they do try to irritate the bull before the game. In the past, several people were injured and even killed. However, this bull taming game is a traditional custom of the Tamils and continues to exist, despite its dangers. Here is a video of several people trying to tame the bull and not get hurt at the same time:

The people of Tamil Nadu also make beautiful and complex designs called kolam, which is made of rice powder. The women of the household will take some rice powder and make intricate designs on the floor. These designs are thought to bring good luck to the members of the household. Here is a video showing you how to make a simple kolam:

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