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Types of Hindi Sentence Posted by on Jan 22, 2011 in Hindi Language

Types of Hindi Sentence

I hope you were eagerly waiting for the next grammar lesson and here it comes. Today, we will learn the types of sentence in Hindi. Let us see the classification of sentence types into more detail and an example from each of them.

1) By Construction
On construction, the sentence in Hindi are classified into three types as follow:

a) सरल वाक्य (Simple Sentence)
A child was playing. एक बालक खेल रहा था. Ek balak khel raha tha.
b) संयुक्त वाक्य (Compound Sentence)
A child was playing and a girl was reading. एक बालक खेल रहा था और एक बालिका पड़ रही थी. Ek balak khel raha tha aur ek balika pad rahi thi.
c) मिश्रित वाक्य (Complex Sentence)
The house which is at the corner, is housing four families. जो घर नुक्कड़ पर है, वो चार परिवार का निवास है.
Jo ghar nukkad par hai, wo char pariwar ka niwas hai.

2) By Meaning

On meaning, the sentence in Hindi are classified into eight types as follows:

a) विधिवाचक वाक्य (Affirmative Sentence)
He was going for a walk.  वह घूमने जा रहा था.  Vah ghumne ja raha tha.
b) निषेधवाचक वाक्य (Negative Sentence)
Yesterday, I did not go to work.  मैं कल काम पर नही गया था. Mein kal kam par nahi gaya tha.
c) आज्ञावाचक वाक्य (Imperative Sentence)
You should read now. तुम अब पढ़ो. Tum ab pado.
d) प्रश्नवाचक वाक्य (Interrogative Sentence)
Where are you going? तुम कहाँ जा रहे हो? Tum kahan ja rahe ho?
e) विस्मयादिबोधक वाक्य (Exclamatory Sentence)
Ah! What a beautiful flower. वाह! कितना सुंदर फूल हैं. Wah! Kitna sundar phool hai.
f) संदेहवाचक वाक्य (Skeptical Sentence)
Maybe we will go to Delhi. शायद हम दिल्ली जाए. Shayad hum dilli jaye.
g) इच्छावाचक वाक्य (Wishful Sentence)
May you succeed at your work.  तुम आपने कार्य में सफल हो. Tum aapne karye mein safal ho.
h) संकेतवाचक वाक्य (Indicative Sentence)
If it did not rain, I would have gone to see my friend. अगर बारिश नही होती तो में आपने दोस्त से मिलने जाता. Agar barish nahi hoti to mein aapne dost se milne jata.

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