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When you are in a new place, exchanging pleasantries and sharing a few things about yourself always serve as great ice-breakers. For example, when I was traveling in a colectivo in Mexico one summer, an elderly gentleman struck up a conversation with me. When he found out that I am a teacher, the conversation took a different dimension. For 40 mins until my stop arrived, he lamented about the state of education in his town, lack of good teachers, and encouraged me to consider migrating to Mexico. He assured me, in parting, that I would find plenty of opportunities for employment as a teacher.

I thought it would be great to discuss Hindi vocabulary for professions/jobs. Here are some common professions.

Lawyers (Image by hermesmarana on Flickr.com)

मैं वकील हूँ। मैं न्यायालय में काम करता हूँ।Main vakeel hoon.
Main nyayalay mein kaam karta hoon.
I am a lawyer. I work in the courts.

वकील = lawyer
न्यायालय = court
मैं सरकारी कर्मचारी हूँ। मैं दफ्तर में काम करती हूँ।
Main sarkaari karmchari hoon. Main daftar mein kaam karti hoon.
I’m a government official. I work in an office.
सरकारी कर्मचारी = government official
दफ्तर = office
यह डॉक्टर हैं।  यह गाँव के चिकित्सालय में काम करते हैं।<br>
Yeh doctor hain. Yeh gaanv ke chikitsalay mein kaam karte hain.
This person is a doctor. He works in the village clinic.
चिकित्सालय = clinic
मेरे मामा शिक्षक हैं।  वे पाठशाला में पढ़ाते हैं।
Mere mama shikshak hain. Vay paathshaala mein padhaate hain.
My uncle is a teacher. He teaches in a school.
शिक्षक = teacher (male)
पाठशाला = school
मेरी मामी भी पाठशाला में पढ़ाती हैं।  वे शिक्षिका हैं।
Meri mami bhi paathshaala mein padhaati hain. Ve shikshika hain.
My aunt also teaches in a school. She is a teacher.
शिक्षिका = teacher (female)
YOUR TURN: Fill in the blanks.

What do you do?आप क्या करते हैं? (Aap kya karte hain? )

Main ________________ (your profession) hoon.
Main ________________ mein (your workplace) kaam karta hoon.

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