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Sabzi – Indian Cooked Vegetables Posted by on Jan 30, 2012 in Hindi Language

When you imagine, you might imagine that north Indian cuisine is limited to Curry based dishes that you might have seen on TV or in an Indian restaurant. But this is a myth, we love to cook many vegetables dry than with the curry.

सब्जी (Cooked Vegetables) is that every Indian cook in their home everyday. Let me show you some of the common vegetables. Little grammar info, “की” (Ki) is indicator of possessive case i.e. Potato’s Vegetable.

1. आलू की सब्जी (Aloo Ki Sabzi – Potato Based Cooked Vegetables)

Potatoes are harvested and available in abundant and are also inexpensive. Potato based dishes could be with curry or without it. You just need few species, edible oil, potatoes, tomatoes etc in frying pan to fry them. Then just add some water and boil them till water evaporate and you can taste the delicious आलू की सब्जी.

2. पालक आलू की सब्जी (Palak Aloo Ki Sabzi – Spinach and Potato Based Cooked Vegetables)

पालक (Spinach) is green and healthy and we understand it as well. This dish is quite simple to make once you have separated the spinach and boiled it. To the boiled spinach, just add some edible oil, species, red or green chilly and boiled potatoes and you are done.

3.भिन्डी की सब्जी (Bhindi Ki Sabzi – Ladyfinger’s Based Cooked Vegetables)

भिन्डी की सब्जी (ladyfinger’s based cooked vegetable) is very famous but seasonal. It is also one of my favorite. Not very hard to cook. You would need to wash and cut them in small slices and fry them with edible oil, onions, green chillies, spice, little water and some tomatoes.

4. फूलगोभी की सब्जी (Phul Gobhi ki Sabzi  – Cauliflower Based Cooked Vegetables)

फूलगोभी  (Cauliflower) can be cooked with potatoes and I must tell you, it tastes delicious. You just need some edible oil, species, potatoes, cauliflower, water and pot or frying pan. Just make sure, you have hand picked flowers from the cauliflower (through root) . Then slice them and put in the pan or pot along with above mentioned ingredient. Best cooked on low flame.

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