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Word Pairs – II Posted by on Jan 29, 2012 in Hindi Language

As discussed a year ago, there are words in Hindi that go in pair. These word pairs can be from a same word, two different words, opposite words, meaningful & meaningless and two meaningless words. We love to use these pair words in daily conversation and do it now and then.

So, lets revise the topic by learning some new word pairs.

1 ) Pair from the same word

Word Pair Romanized English Meaning
चलते – चलते chalte – chalte while walking or running
धीरे – धीरे dheere – dheere slowly
आगे – आगे aage – aage ahead
अपना – अपना apna – apna ours
क्या – क्या kya – kya what not

2) Pair from two different words

Word Pair Romanized English Meaning
साधू – संत sadhu – sant sages (plural)
भाग – दौड़ bhag – daud very busy
हरा – भरा hara – bhara green, fresh
खाता – पीता khata – pita prosperous, well earning
रहन – सहन rehan – sehan living

3) Pair from two opposite words

Word Pair Romanized English Meaning
हानि – लाभ haani – laabh profit loss
नया – पुराना naya – purana anything
सवाल – जवाब saval – javab question and answers
छोटा – बड़ा chota – bada from all social status
कहना – सुनना kehna – sunnaa to talk, converse

4) Pair from the meaningful and meaningless words

Word Pair Romanized English Meaning
चटक – मटक chatak – matak show off
हिसाब – किताब hisaab – kitaab to account, calculate
छिन्न – भिन्न cheen – bhin varied kinds
जात – पात jaat – paat social status
लूट – पाट loot – paat to raid things, money, to loot

5) Pair from two meaningless words

Word Pair Romanized English Meaning
ताबड़ – तोड़ tabad – tod in hurry
उबड़ – खाबड़ ubad – khaabad uneven
खाना – वाना khaana – vaana food
रोना –  धोना rona – vona to cry, weep
चुप – चाप chup – chap silently

Example Sentence :

चुप – चाप (Chup – Chap) (Silently)
वह चुप – चाप चला गया – Veh chup – chap chala gaya  – He has gone silently.

खाता – पीता (Khate – Pite) (Prosperous / Well earning)
वह खाते- पीते घर का है – Veh khate – pite ghar ka hai – He is from a prosperous/well earning family.



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    The hyphen is necessary, else it becomes a समास. Like लेनदेन can be written in one word because it becomes Dvandva Samas. (लेन और देन)